Last Resort Season 1 Review “The Pointy End of the Spear”

Last Resort Episode 12 The Pointy End of the Spear (1)

All right everybody, I have a little confession to make before I start tonight’s review. I’m currently running a fever of a little over 101 degrees, so there is a very strong possibility that I might start transposing random words, or possibly pass out right on top of my keyboard, but I’m going to try to power through it and review the penultimate episode of Last Resort, “The Pointy End of the Spear”.

Tonight’s second-to-last episode starts off with two people who are probably feeling a lot better than I am; Kylie and her boyfriend Robert getting it on in a hotel room! This scene didn’t really do anything except sum up the coup from last week, and the scenes going on in the mainland have always been the least interesting part of the series.

We unfortunately go straight from this scene to another scene nobody cares about: Tani’s return! She’s been gone for a couple weeks already, and I never really cared about her relationship with James to begin with, so I neither bought nor cared about her planning to abscond to Australia with James.

Thankfully the rest of the episode picked back up and did a great job at pushing the main storylines forward and setting up the series finale next week. Sam is still in mourning over the believed death of his wife, but at least he’s upgraded from a nasty beard to sexy stubble. Cutting your gross facial hair is the sixth stage of grief, after all. I haven’t liked Julian very much as a “villain” on this series thus far, as I feel that he’s come off as a little one-note, but I do kinda like his relationship with Sophie. If this series got to continue past the thirteenth episode, I would have really liked to see Serrat developed more as a character. The idea of a guy who does horrific things and performs terribly violent acts to his enemies, but has a deep love for his island and the native inhabitants, is very interesting. It’s a shame that all we got from Julian was mustache twirling villainy.

The brewing civil war between the Colorado crew members took up most of the second half of the episode, and it was really great stuff. It’s great not knowing exactly where everybody’s allegiance falls, as we’re not exactly sure what Sam, Grace, or the Cob are all thinking until the very end. It appears that the actual meat of the mutiny will fall on the series finale next week, but it’s a great cliffhanger to see that Anders is back, and he looks to be playing a big part in Chaplin’s mutiny! I can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s series finale, and I hope you’ll all tune in with me!

Random Thoughts:

Last Resort has done a great job at fleshing out most of their minor characters and doing a pretty good job at shying away from stereotypes, but did they have to make the Southern-accented sailor the racist one? Who even refers to Chinese people as “Fortune cookies”? Is that even a thing?

– Did anybody else notice a change in James’ voice when he was doing his bad boy routine with Tani? It sounded like all of a sudden he had a Godfather thing going on with his voice.

– Was Ernie Hudson’s line about the food in the House of Representatives being “clean food” supposed to be a dig at Michelle Obama’s push towards eating healthy?