CSI Season 13 Review “Dead Air” – Just…Argh!!

As a fan of GSR (the pairing, not the residue), what can I say about “Dead Air,” this week’s episode of CSI? On the one hand, I want to do a little dance because we got to hear Grissom’s voice…but on the other, I harbor deep concerns over the rest of the phone call between him and Sara, the part we didn’t get to hear.

I suppose I can’t be a hypocrite and say that I wish the writers would just leave them alone, because I’m always an advocate of character change and character growth, but I think in this case I was willing to make an exception. It’s easier to do that when only one character is actually on the show; if they both were, and still had to deal with each other in the halls of the lab, I’d be much more inclined to say “bring on the drama!” As it is, after so many years of UST that was finally resolved in a very satisfying way, I just want them to be happy in their unconventional relationship.

But it’s been clear since the beginning of the season that the arrangement is starting to wear on Sara. It’s understandable; she wants to be with her husband! But does he still want to be with her? I refuse to believe that he doesn’t. Wanting to be with Sara has been one of Grissom’s defining characteristics since season one. Until proven otherwise, I choose to believe that the conversation was about him wanting her to leave Las Vegas again, to join him wherever he is. Let me live in my bubble, people. It could get popped next week for all we know.

The last thing I will say on this subject is that, as a writer, it must be hard to create and progress a relationship when actors come and go…but it’s not impossible. I would consider it one of the unique challenges of the job. I might even compare it to roleplaying. Sure, you wanted your characters to get married and have babies, but when you rolled the dice, the GM informed you that one of the actors wants to pursue other projects. Think quick and come up with a new plan.

But…and this is key…that plan should make sense for the characters. At no point should the audience feel that the writers have forgotten the character’s core traits or the history that has shaped them, and in all honesty, sometimes I think the writers forget just how strong Sara is and how much she’s overcome in her life. I mean, last season they forgot she had a brother, remember? Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. While it’s true that Sara has tender spots, they should never be mistaken for weakness. She was never afraid to confront Grissom about their relationship when they were on much shakier ground; why has that suddenly changed now that they’re married?

As for the rest of the episode, it was a fairly compelling mystery. A bitchy news anchor was murdered during a 20-second blackout in the middle of a live broadcast. Although everyone believed she was killed for her attitude, she was actually murdered by her producer because she figured out he was responsible for a string of arson cases years earlier, and she used the info to blackmail him into keeping her job. I was glad that the weather girl didn’t do it; my friend is a meteorologist and I think she would have approved of a weather girl actually knowing her stuff.

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