American Horror Story: Asylum Season 2 Review “Continuum” – Who Died, Who’s Still Alive, and Other Such Nonsense…

American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 12 Continuum

Last night, American Horror Story: Asylum took a different approach to its normal story telling. Instead of one through story with flashbacks (or flash forward) the asylum was divided into three parts this week. Each segment told the story of a different character, and came together (sort of) nicely at the end.

The stories did leave me wondering how the writers are going to wrap everything up in the season finale next week – there are a lot of things that I’m confused about and a lot of lose ends that need to be addressed. But, let’s talk “Continuum”.

Kit, Alma, and Grace are living together with the two kids. It’s approximately two years in the future since Grace and Kit escaped from Briarcliff, and Grace is obsessed with remembering the alien abduction. Alma isn’t on board with any abduction talk. She wants to forget about it and wants to forget about it quickly, but Grace will not let her… and things are just a little crazy in the Walker household.

I don’t blame Alma for wanting to forget her abduction, but I also see Grace’s side about wanting to know more, wanting to know when the aliens would return, etc. It does stand to reason that they’ll be back to collect the children or Kit for that matter, right? Well, Alma apparently felt that Grace was a little too preoccupied with aliens and does away with Kit’s second wife… with an axe to her back.

Pretty symbolic that the axe murder gets axed herself. This lands Alma in Briarcliff as a patient.

However, Briarcliff is not Briarcliff as we’ve grown to know and love it. The church has sold Briarcliff to the state, and the Monsignor has been promoted (elected?) to Cardinal of New Jersey. However, he does promise Jude that he will plan for her release since he is sorry for everything that she’s endured. And Jude has gone through a lot in the last few years that she’s been locked in Briarcliff.

Somehow, Jessica Lange manages to look beautiful while being all sort of busted up. Not only that, but she plays insane Jude with such dedication and abandon that it’s sort of difficult to remember the woman that she was at the beginning of American Horror Story. Add this to the fact that she’s seeing the angel of death in Briarcliff, and hallucinating a slew of other things… well, it hasn’t been a great year for Sister Jude.

Kit sees her while at Briarcliff after finding out that Alma died… apparently her heart just stopped one day. Could have been guilt, missing the kids, or maybe something much more sinister, who knows? We never really hear more about her except that she died in Briarcliff. Kit talks to Jude and it seems that she vaguely remembers him, but who can be certain? Jude also thought that it had been two days since the Monsignor visited with her, when it had been 2 years. Oh, and did I mention she’s been conversing with Pepper who is apparently dead as well?

Kit heads over to Lana’s book signing, where he visits with his old friend, now an extremely well known author. However, Lana has been exaggerating a few details in her books, and also changing things up from their original story. It does seem like she’s having issues with this as she starts to hallucinate Dr. Thresdon, but she is also extremely ambitious and driven, and doesn’t give a crap that she’s lying in her “memoir”.

When she and Kit sit down to talk, he tries to remind her of her promise to Jude (who Lana thought was dead in her defense), and that she was going to bring down Briarcliff. But Lana likes fame a little too much and brushes off Kit without so much as a second glance.

Flash to present time with son of Bloody Face walking into a book store and demanding the signed copy of his mother’s book. We learn that he had actually never met his mother – that she wrote he died at birth. So, did Lana put her son up for adoption? It would appear that she had planned on it until the nurse brought the starving newborn into her hospital room. I was thinking that she kept the baby, but was just a horrible mother.

However, it would seem that she actually did give him up, or did think he was dead… who knows with this show? One thing is for certain – American Horror Story has some crazy twists and turns, and the finale is going to be epic.

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