30 Rock Season 7 Review “Florida”

This season of 30 Rock has turned into a 6 hour send-off party. The few fans that have remained devoted to the series throughout its run have been serviced on the regular throughout the run. After spending the first six seasons setting high standards with whip fast, and whip smart, hijinks without getting too story dependent, 30 Rock has sought to bring the characters some sort of final resting place within the final 12 episodes. The jokes were still coming in at rates that demand someone create a statistic to discuss it, but now more substantial things were being said within the context of those jokes. Normally, fan service can lead to some clunky stories, but I don’t think anyone would argue with what we have gotten from Liz, Jack, and to a lesser extent, Tracy, this season.

However, with three episodes remaining (counting tonight’s episode), you had to think that the rug was coming. Nothing good for Liz Lemon has happened easily. Still, it was worth rooting for her and Criss Cross to ride off into the sunset together with their adopted child (or children!). Unfortunately, Tracy and Jenna’s bungling of the harassment lawsuit filed by Hazel has left the newly minted parent potentially without work. It was an episode that once again underscored Liz’s immeasurable value to the show. Liz Lemon has questioned many times whether she can truly have it all. What’s become clear is that TGS ultimately has nothing if it doesn’t have her to take control of things.

There is truly a lot of different directions that the final two episodes can go. We’ve officially cleared the docket of all of the storylines that mattered (except for Liz’s Doritos’ idea). Now, it’s time for Liz and Jack to combine to put out one final fire. For everyone’s sake, I hope they don’t call Florida’s Emergency Services to aid them.