The New Normal Season 1 Review “Stay-at-Home Dad” – Bryan and David Try Out Parenthood

The New Normal Episode 14 Stay-at-Home Dad (3)

Okay, I suppose I have not been as forthright as I could be with my recaps about The New Normal. I am, in my heart, kind to this show. I do like it. But, I guess I’d better put my foot down and say what needs to be said–there are some drudging moments in this show.

I think I kind of got to my limit with this episode, “Stay-at-Home Dad.” The idea for the episode, which deals with Bryan and David taking care of a child by using Shania as a test run while Goldie goes to a spa resort for the week, is great, but here’s what pushed me over the edge:

Déjà vu: Haven’t we seen this story before on this show? I mean, we haven’t seen them take care of Shania in this fashion before, but we’ve had a lot of episodes about them learning the same thing about parenthood. By this time in the series, they should know that parenthood is hard. You cannot control any aspect of parenthood, Bryan and David.

Bryan and David: I’ve thought this for a couple of episodes, but I haven’t really written about it. But I’m rectifying this now: I think Bryan and David are getting a little bit too cutesy. It was a given that they would be idealistic couple, seeing what type of show it is; it’s one of the few shows on television about gay men, and it’s pretty much the only show on television about a gay couple wanting a child. But they are a little bit too precious sometimes. Let’s dirty it up a bit, please.

The New Normal Episode 14 Stay-at-Home Dad (10)

Goldie’s still eating: Again, all the show really has Goldie do now that she’s hugely pregnant is eat. What happened to Rocky’s brother? Why not bring him back and have some drama concerning him and her’s kind-of relationship? I’d like to see an episode about that. As I said last week, just having her eat is not building character. Yes, she’s got the children’s clothing stand, but we need to see more about that, more with Rocky’s brother and more about her relationship with Jane.

I think that’s all the built-up stuff I had to let loose. There was an element of the show I did like:

Rocky becomes a producer: Seeing the scenes with Rocky as a producer were really fun, since Ryan Murphy and his writing staff are making fun of Murphy’s own show, Glee. Haven’t you ever thought the episode specials showcasing 20-30 year-old-songs a bit outrageous, especially if the show’s about kids in high school? I mean, there are teens who do like Barbra Streisand songs, but speaking in generalities, Rocky’s right–it’s not totally realistic. (Unless you were like me, who went to a fine arts high school. All sorts of things happened there.) I’m also glad to see Rocky become the producer of Bryan’s show. I think it should make for some great scenes in the future.

I sound like I was harsh on the episode. I did like it, but, you know, sometimes enough is enough with certain aspects.