Parenthood “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back” Season 4 Review

Parenthood Season 4 Episode 14 One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (1)
This week marked the penultimate episode of season 4 of Parenthood. With the show’s fate unknown for a fifth season, the writers have a lot of ground to cover with several major storylines needing a resolution. Tonight’s episode finally started the process of closure for several members of the Braverman family.

In the midst of Kristina’s health crisis, Victor’s uneasy transition with Joel and Julia and Amber’s troubled new beau, I had completely forgotten about Max’s student council victory and promise for new vending machines. The saga of the vending machines continued this week as Max was so anxious about the situation, he was contemplating transferring schools. Terrific mother that she is, Kristina became determined get those darned vending machines back. I had no doubt that the PTA moms had met their match in Kristina. With the promise of healthier options, Kristina got the machines back in the school and alas, Max had closure.

Ryan returned this week, still reeling from his rocky experience at Joel’s construction site. It was great to see Zeek instill some much needed confidence in Ryan. It even better watching Amber give Ryan the extra push Ryan needed to win over Joel, along with a very wise tip about gratitude and donuts. Is there anything those two things can’t make better? I cannot express how much I hope things work out for Ryan during this second chance opportunity.

Renee + Crosby + Jasmine under the same roof = conflict. Always. This week’s battle was over what Crosby and Jasmine fed Jabbar. Should Parenthood get another season, I hope that Renee is no longer living with her daughter’s family when the show resumes.

Speaking of Crosby, he’s truly been a superstar this season. Not only did he help Jasmine confront her mom this week, he gave Julia a much needed confidence boost to go forward with finalizing Victor’s adoption. She’s still clearly unsure about the decision and I’m not sure that the ride will not continue to be bumpy for the newly expanded family.

And in my least favorite storyline, the Sarah/Mark/Hank love triangle continued. Having learned of Hank’s manipulations, Mark is determined to win Sarah back. Hopefully, Sarah will make up her mind next week. It would be great if she’d choose to spend a little time alone.

Overall, this was another great episode of Parenthood. I do, however, wish that there had been some follow-up on Drew’s situation from last week, particularly after he opened up to his mother. I’m far more interested in that than who Sarah will choose between Hank and Mark. Oh well. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!