‘Drop Dead Diva’ Cancelled By Lifetime

Drop Dead Diva

The news broke last night that cable network Lifetime has decided to cancel the fan favorite series Drop Dead Diva; and if you are a fan of the series (like myself and countless other TV viewers), I am sure you are probably none too happy especially given the fact the fourth season finale was a cliffhanger in which [spoiler alert for those who have YET to watch] the real Jane Bingum (series lead Brooke Elliott) pushed the enter button on the computer in heaven, seemingly returning to earth and presumably ending up in the body of Judge Owen French (Lex Medlin) just as his wedding to Jane (sans Deb Dobkins) was falling apart.

‘Drop Dead Diva’ debuted on Lifetime back in July of 2009, becoming a “solid performer” for the network and making a legend of devoted fans. The series was about vapid aspiring model Deb Dobkins who was killed in a car crash, who gets brought back to life as intelligent, full-figured lawyer Jane Bingum from the mind of series creator Jason Berman (who also created the now defunct FOX drama ‘The Mob Doctor’).

According to a report at Deadline it would seem that Lifetime is shifting their focus toward “edgier fare” and ‘Drop Dead Diva’ did not fit within that niche. However, rumor has it that Sony Pictures (who produces the show) may “shop it elsewhere”.

Besides Elliott and Medlin, ‘Drop Dead Diva’ included among its cast Margaret Cho, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, Josh Stamberg, Ben Feldman and Carter MacIntyre. It also featured a who’s who in guest stars, including (but not limited to) Sharon Lawrence, Paula Abdul, Jaime Ray Newman, Brandy Norwood, Rosie O’Donnell, Natasha Hentsridge, Joan Rivers, Nancy Grace and even reality “star” Kim Kardashian.