Happy Endings Season 3 Review “The Ex-Factor”

Happy Endings Season 3 Episode 11 The Ex Factor (1)

After Sunday’s last-minute replacement episode, it’s nice for us Happy Endings fans to be treated with a stellar installment of their favorite characters in ‘The Ex-Factor’. Every single member of the gang got something hilarious to do this week, with Brad and Jane fighting over their exes, Penny mingling with Pete’s friendship group, and Max, Alex and Dave getting way too involved with Max’s awesome new roommate.

Let’s start with Brad and Jane, who are almost always the most substantial and moving part of the show, despite both being fabulously gifted comedians. Because they’re the best and most open married couple on TV, they have a rule that either one of them can meet an ex-partner for dinner should they be in town. This means that Jane’s former flame, Ryan, is barging into their lives for a short spell, and Brad is none too pleased to find out that Ryan is actually a woman.

We’ve always known that Jane has been experimental in the past, but it’s here that her true bisexual nature is revealed. After the initial thrill of picturing his wife with another hot lady, the revelation causes some problems for the couple. Brad promptly invites his own ex-girlfriend over, claiming that they used to have the hottest relationship imaginable (with socks off!), but the facade slips off once Jane woos her man back to the land of sanity. There’s also the fact that both ladies actually end up hitting it off with each other, and Brad’s pervy fantasies are reignited for the night.

Dave, Alex and Max are also thrilled to find that the latter’s new roommate is actually Saved by the Bell’s Mark-Paul Gosselaar (or at least played by him) and, when he doesn’t return home one morning, the trio go on the hunt. Of course, they didn’t plan of finding him at dinner with his wife, who reveals that Max’s apartment is actually acting as Chase’s sex shack. This was a really great way to get the three characters together in typically barmy fashion, and let’s hope Chase’s threat to ruin Max’s life means he’ll be returning for an episode later in the season.

Penny has the best week of all, as she realizes that she has the best friends in the world. That is compared to new boyfriend Pete’s buddies, who might be the most boring (i.e. normal) people in Chicago. Her disbelief at the thought of hanging out with anyone but her own peeps was hilarious, and I can’t help but think these little quirks are going to end up sabotaging Penny’s first long-term relationship in three seasons. There are still plenty of situations to be milked from this union, so I hope it lasts a little longer, but a lot of fans are already keen to return to the Dave/Alex/Penny love triangle.

What did you think of the episode? Would you like to see Chase return? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.