‘Fringe’ Series Finale: Haunting New Poster and Promo Preview the Team’s “Final Battle”

The end is nigh for Fringe.

The series wraps up its fifth and final season this Friday (January 18th) with a two-hour finale that will see the Fringe team engage in an epic battle with The Observers. However, before Fringe fades to black, the notoriously creepy series couldn’t resist offering up one more nightmare-fueling image for the road in the form of the eye-less, mouth-less Observer featured on the series finale poster (originally unveiled by TV Line).

In addition to the poster, Fox has also offered up a slightly spoilery teaser that plays up the theme of fate as Walter declares “this is what I’m supposed to do.” Check out the teaser below.

Are you prepared to say goodbye to Fringe?

Once again, Fringe‘s two-hour series finale airs Friday, January 18th beginning at 8/7c on Fox.