Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Social Experiment” – The Art of Flirting

It’s almost cruel to introduce new, interesting characters and plot twists after a show has been canceled. In this week’s Emily Owens, MD, “Emily and the Social Experiment,” we met Micah’s friend, Dr. AJ Aquino, back from a year-long absence after a mistake in the ER led to a public blow-up with Dr. Bandari. As we later found out, though, the bad blood between them was probably a lot more personal.

The main crux of the episode revolved around Emily trying to figure out if Will really had gotten jealous over her flirtation with Peanut Allergy Guy in the last episode. Tyra encouraged her to try flirting with other men in front of him, to gauge his reaction, but all it led to was Emily catching the eye of the hospital’s Lothario. As she pointed out, it wasn’t a fair test because Will, being her friend, would try to save her from the playboy even if he didn’t have any romantic feelings for her.

In the end, she determined that, no, Will has no feelings for her as he fell asleep on her couch even after the promise of beer and sandwiches. Meanwhile, Micah was at a bar with AJ, confessing that while he has feelings for Emily, she has not a clue.

Cassandra displayed some heart this week by helping the parents of a young man with cystic fibrosis realize that their miracle child needed to make his own decisions about his life, even if that meant forgoing more treatments in order to enjoy the time he had left. We learned that Cassandra went through the same thing with her brother. Knowing this doesn’t make like her any better, but it does explain some of her attitude towards others.

Back to Dr. Bandari, her husband asked for a separation this week, something she intends to fight him on, even going so far as to reluctantly take time off in order to go on vacation with him. But the real threat to their marriage might not be her insane hours or over-dedication to her patients, but the fact that she probably had a fling with AJ before she kicked him out of her hospital. Now that he’s back, will sparks fly again?

Who knows?! Really, we will probably never know! I am so frustrated that these interesting plot threads couldn’t have been brought in earlier; why did they only come now, as the show is heading into its last two episodes? Maybe if they had been introduced back when it matter, the show could have been saved. Every week I get comments saying how bummed people are that this show got the ax. Yet I get no comments saying how much people are enjoying the fifth season of 90210.

Food for thought, CW. Food for thought.

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  • Jen_358

    I hated when Will renewed Emily’s hope that he liked her after she was so ready to move on. That stupid text stopped Micah dead in his tracks. I love A.J., this storyline would have been so good. Why are the CW execs cancelling this show?

    • kristen_elizabeth

      Will has proven to be mostly made up of jerk with a touch of stupid boy. She deserves Micah.

  • Mk

    I am really disappointed that this show is cancelled. The story line is starting to be really good. Too bad they can’t reverse their decision in this show

    • kristen_elizabeth

      Yeah, I think they were very premature in this decision, especially if Beauty and the Beasts gets to stick around.

  • Becky

    Whats the Asian doctor’s name that emily flirts with

  • Grant

    I am enjoying the fifth season of 90210

    • kristen_elizabeth

      I’m glad to hear that;) Want to tell me the same thing in the comments of my review of the next episode?

  • Amanda

    I agree! I love this show and it’s just getting better!!! Is there any chance they won’t cancel it?

    • kristen_elizabeth

      Not without a very successful internet campaign:(

  • Lili

    I Loooooooove Emily Owens and I enjoyed the last episode ! It is frustrating to watch the characters evolve and knowing that it is going to stop without having all the answers about the show…

    • kristen_elizabeth

      I know! It’s seriously not fair!

      • Olivia Judd

        I love this show and can’t believe thatnCW is canceling it. Really are there that many people watching a bad remake of an 1990s hit?? I truly hope another network picks up this show…please please please!!

  • Amy C

    They should really save this show. Best new CW show this year and it gets better every week!

    • kristen_elizabeth

      Yeah:( Miracles have happened, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • hnbc

    This is a good show. Why cancel it and keep such silly things as 90xxx whatever it is or the Carrie sequel? We need more shows with some adult characters instead of just fluff.

    • kristen_elizabeth

      I totally agree:)

  • theresarogers

    Is there an internet campaign to save the show? Where do I sign up? Emily Owens is one of the VERY few shows that manages to mix drama and comedy seamlessly. The plots are heartbreaking, hilarious, and intelligent and the actors are so good you never hear “the writer voice” leak through. Agreed–90xxx and not THIS show?

  • cindy

    Dont cancel emily owens pleasssssssseeee

  • jna

    I’m not sure if I just curse the good shows or maybe because those of us with brains are just the ones people don’t make T.V. anymore. Why when a shows is interesting or makes you think because it actually has a plot does that make the rest of the world go ” omg i dunno i just wanna be lazy and watch jersey shore or any other reality tv show” No I want a story, i want to be entertained by the writes and the actors and not by the random ass people they pull out of a crowed or have money just to show their life. Emily Owens is awesome and so were many other shows that have been cancelled as of last year and this year. I guess soon it will be R.I.P to our brains because they will be mush with the garbage they are getting us to watch now.

  • Deez

    Love this show. I hate it when networks don’t give shows time to find it’s audience! I’m addicted & it’s being canceled. What a load of BS. Crossing my fingers that another network will give it a chance

  • LT

    I am so devastated with the cancellation of this show. Too many reality shows today, not enough shows with substanance & real acting. The story lines are getting really good & those of us that love it will be left hanging& wondering forever. This is a quality show that deserves a second life on a network that will appreciate it. So, so sad. 🙁

  • Crystal J.

    I think I’m going to stop watching American television because shows with substance don’t appear to run a long duration. I don’t want to get hooked on another good show and have to deal with another heartache. I guess I’m sticking to my faithful anime. Or maybe I’ll stop watching The CW all together and hulu