Emily Owens, MD Season 1 Review “Emily and the Social Experiment” – The Art of Flirting

It’s almost cruel to introduce new, interesting characters and plot twists after a show has been canceled. In this week’s Emily Owens, MD, “Emily and the Social Experiment,” we met Micah’s friend, Dr. AJ Aquino, back from a year-long absence after a mistake in the ER led to a public blow-up with Dr. Bandari. As we later found out, though, the bad blood between them was probably a lot more personal.

The main crux of the episode revolved around Emily trying to figure out if Will really had gotten jealous over her flirtation with Peanut Allergy Guy in the last episode. Tyra encouraged her to try flirting with other men in front of him, to gauge his reaction, but all it led to was Emily catching the eye of the hospital’s Lothario. As she pointed out, it wasn’t a fair test because Will, being her friend, would try to save her from the playboy even if he didn’t have any romantic feelings for her.

In the end, she determined that, no, Will has no feelings for her as he fell asleep on her couch even after the promise of beer and sandwiches. Meanwhile, Micah was at a bar with AJ, confessing that while he has feelings for Emily, she has not a clue.

Cassandra displayed some heart this week by helping the parents of a young man with cystic fibrosis realize that their miracle child needed to make his own decisions about his life, even if that meant forgoing more treatments in order to enjoy the time he had left. We learned that Cassandra went through the same thing with her brother. Knowing this doesn’t make like her any better, but it does explain some of her attitude towards others.

Back to Dr. Bandari, her husband asked for a separation this week, something she intends to fight him on, even going so far as to reluctantly take time off in order to go on vacation with him. But the real threat to their marriage might not be her insane hours or over-dedication to her patients, but the fact that she probably had a fling with AJ before she kicked him out of her hospital. Now that he’s back, will sparks fly again?

Who knows?! Really, we will probably never know! I am so frustrated that these interesting plot threads couldn’t have been brought in earlier; why did they only come now, as the show is heading into its last two episodes? Maybe if they had been introduced back when it matter, the show could have been saved. Every week I get comments saying how bummed people are that this show got the ax. Yet I get no comments saying how much people are enjoying the fifth season of 90210.

Food for thought, CW. Food for thought.

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