The Biggest Loser “Cut the Junk” Season 14 Review – Let the Games Begin

The Biggest Loser 2013 Season 14 Episode 3 (1)
As this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser opened with a teary-eyed Dannie and Pam embracing themselves after losing yet another teammate, I wondered if the tears were for Nate or their fear of now being left with only one other person to absorb the full brunt of Jillian’s wrath. Although in all fairness to Jillian, it’s not wrath it’s passion and commitment in the form of what looks like some brutal tough love.

Last week we saw the return of Dr. H., this week temptations returned. Loyal viewers of The Biggest Loser know that with temptations come serious game play. And so it begins . . .

Allison shared alarming statistics on childhood obesity, particularly as it relates to hours spent watching television, after which the teams answered trivia questions. The losing team was doomed to spend 4 1/2 hours each day, much like a child, confined to a room with junk food, tv and video games. Okay, I am fully on board with combating obesity but being locked up in a room with junk food, tv and video games does sound like a slice of heaven for someone who is absolutely exhausted from work. But I digress. I was relieved that Jillian’s team did not lose the challenge. Can you imagine that reaction?

I did not expect Bob to be well-handled by the news and indeed, he was not. Alex decides to eliminate the temptation by dousing everything with orange juice. Hmmm. I was not sure that would work for a group of people who have been deprived of some of their favorite food vices.

Dr. Joanna checked in with the kids to get more insight on their eating habits and overall health. I was shocked to learn that Bingo was playing video games five hours a day each week and nine hours a day on weekends. Seriously, how does that kid get any homework done?

This week’s challenge continued the theme of cutting the junk, as the contestants had to bring a gum ball from one end of the course to the other. In order to accomplish this feat, they had to go through a bubble gum pit. The red team continued their hot streak, winning the challenge and a free year of healthy groceries.

At this week’s weigh-in, there was slight relief at the reintroduction of the yellow line. Of course, that also brings about the politics and game play as the players now decide who goes home. The blue team got things started and bounced back from last week’s “curse.” It would appear that Dolvett’s team suffered from the week three curse as their big number producers fell short at the weigh in. With the red team in danger, Jillian’s team stepped up to the scale and finally got a break. Pam even won The Biggest Loser of the week. Perhaps this will mark a major turn around for the white team.

The red team sent Cate packing and she’s now at home, preparing for her first marathon. Way to go!

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