Syfy’s Face Off Season 4: Get Ready For More Insane Make-Ups

Face Off Season 4 Premiere 2013 (26)

Some of you might already know of my love for Syfy’s Face Off, which is one of the few reality shows I watch (I think I might watch no more than 5 total). The series follows special effects make up artists as they compete to win the $100,000 grand prize and start off their career.

The main reason I enjoy the series and recommend it every season is because unlike other reality shows, this one doesn’t have much drama, but instead focuses on the talent these contestants have. Every week, they design incredible make-ups and if you find yourself fascinated by special effects make up, you’ll most likely enjoy this show as well.

I’ve already seen tonight’s fourth season premiere episode “Make It Reign” and I am happy to say that Face Off is back just as we like it. Even better, host McKenzie Westmore’s father and make up artist, Michael Westmore, is now on the show as a mentor to the contestants. And what I enjoyed the most about it, is that when he was going around looking at everyone’s ideas and sculptures, he gave them some great and insightful feedback that definitely add a new perspective to the work.

And as is always the case, you find some favorite contestants pretty soon and there is one in particular that stood out to me. While saying their name would spoil the premiere a bit, I will say that we should all keep an eye out for this person because they are the most likely going to be doing very well in the competition (at least I hope they do well)

Oh and last fun fact about tonight’s premiere, John Rhys-Davies is the guest judge and he’s a real delight to have on the panel. I hope he returns for another episode.

And that’s about all I want to say. Face Off is really more about watching the contestants create their master artworks, so I’ll leave you in their hands.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9pm on Syfy for the Face Off season 4 premiere.