Raising Hope Season 3 Review “Lord of the Ring”

Raising Hope Season 3 Episode 12 Lord of the Ring

Raising Hope returned tonight with a solid episode in “Lord of the Ring”, as Jimmy tackles a very important part of the engagement process: Buying a ring! However, this wouldn’t be an episode of Raising Hope if it didn’t involve a little deception, hilarity, and a heartwarming ending!

Tonight’s installment was yet another episode with a major secret in the Chance family, as we find out that Virginia has been pawning her engagement ring off and on over the years to get some extra cash. I know I complain about this every week, so maybe I could stop and just accept it as “part of the show”, but I still maintain it’s a little formulaic and predictable when every single episode has somebody in the Chance family trying to keep a major secret from their family members.

My favorite part about every Raising Hope episode is the crazy inhabitants of Natesville the great extended cast, so it was great to see Whit Hertford return as Officer Ross. Virginia’s diminutive junior admirer is always hilarious, and I loved seeing a little more screen time for Frank as well.

It was a bit predictable that Jimmy would buy Virginia’s ring, but I’ll forgive that twist due to how freaking adorable Virginia and Jimmy’s scene was at the end. Just about every episode of this show ends in a heartwarming conclusion, but tonight’s was especially sweet with Virginia giving her ring to Jimmy and saying that one day he would pass it on to Hope. Little Baylie and Rylie Cregut has grown up so much on this show as Hope, and it’s sweet of Virginia to think of her as growing up and getting married one day. Jimmy’s proposal was also very sweet, but it wouldn’t have been a true Raising Hope moment if it wasn’t capped off by Burt dealing with his ascending testicles. As the Amigos de Garcia title card so eloquently says: “Testicles are funny”.

Random Thoughts:

– Jimmy’s “doctors” were played by Matt and John Yuan, twin actors that you might recognize from Observe and Report. That wasn’t fancy special effects, folks! They’re honest-to-goodness twins!

– I liked seeing Cloris Leachman return after being absent last episode, but I wish they would balance how she varies so wildly from being lucid and crazy.

– Is this the first episode this season without Barney?