Hart of Dixie Season 2 Review “Old Alabama” – Ye Olde Southern Living

Hart of Dixie returned this week with “Old Alabama,” emphasis on the “old” as the citizens scrambled to celebrate Founder’s Day by going off the grid, 1700’s-style, for 48 hours, culminating in a big, traditional feast. Have I mentioned how much I love Bluebell? I swear, they must be sister cities with Stars Hollow, CT.

Preoccupied with his breakup (and blaming Lemon for it), Lavon nearly let his Founder’s Day preparation duties slide, not a good thing since a reporter from Southern Living was going to be in town to write up the festivities. Maybe no one above the Mason-Dixon line or west of the Texas state line can understand this, but Southern Living is to belles what Cosmopolitan is to desperate single women. We’d call it the Bible, but that would be sacrilegious for most folks. Needless to say, it’s a big deal, and Lemon wanted her catering company featured in it.

Only one problem. Lavon hates her guts, so in order to get the catering gig, she and Annabelle had to fake-break-up. Lavon even stuck her serving grog to the townsfolk while Annabelle’s cooking got nothing but praises from the reporter. I felt for Lemon. She’s had a real rough year and she is trying, but she should have told Lavon the truth when he asked why she hadn’t wanted him with Ruby. Lavon’s a romantic; hearing that she still loves him might have done his heart a world of good. Bitter doesn’t suit him.

Meanwhile, Lavon decided to give the town’s newest couple, Zoe and Wade, the honor of playing the town’s founding couple. Unfortunately, Wade was slipping back into some of his thoughtless habits like wasting expensive shampoo and losing Zoe’s car. After some bad advice, Zoe looked to the founding mother’s diary for guidance and started on a campaign to suppress her anger at Wade’s thoughtlessness by throwing herself into quilting and flower-arranging. Effectively, she became Lemon for awhile.

After a big blow-up at the Founding Feast, Zoe realized that arguments were going to happen, especially between the two of them as they’ve never agreed on anything except their attraction to each other, but minor arguments aren’t going to turn them into her parents. They ended the episode as happy as I’ve ever seen them.

In a smaller, but just as sweet story, Brick’s one night with George’s crazy ex turned into a relationship, but it took Brick the whole episode, and one bad attempt at breaking up with her a la George Tucker, to realize that he really wanted to be with her, popular opinion be damned. But he isn’t ready to tell Lemon he’s dating someone her age, proving that he is as smart as his medical degree would indicate.

By the way, do you miss the medical aspect of the show at all? I mean, it was never a focal point, but we used to at least see them in the office once per episode. Have we outgrown the need for that or is it something they should remember every once in awhile?

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