Face Off Season 4 Review “Make It Reign” – And We’re Back!

Face Off Season 4 Premiere 2013 (33)

It’s the season 4 premiere of Face Off, and I cannot believe the amount of talent that was on that stage tonight. Like every other premiere episode of every reality show ever, Face Off started with the “getting to know you” phase of the contestants. There are 14 that started the competition, and only one was sent packing this evening.

Our 14 contestants are: Alex, Troy, Kris, Katie, Eric F., Meagan, Anthony, House, Alam, Eric Z., Autumn, Jenna, Michael, and Wayne (there will be a quiz later, so be sure to remember all of that)… and did anyone else notice that the cast this season is significantly younger than in the past? Or did I hallucinate that? It could be because Eric Z practically just learned to drive, so he brings down the age curve for the entire group. But anyway, those are our 14 contestants, and there isn’t much else to say about them at this point.

It is far too early in the game to get a gauge on any one person, and while I made snap decisions based on the personalities that I liked and disliked, my judgments have known to be wrong in the past (see my previous Face Off reviews from season 3 and how I felt about Roy), so I’m trying to look at this in an unbiased manner.

That said – Autumn is not my favorite. I felt that she was completely condescending to Eric, and freaked out over tiny things. That’s all I’ll say about that – let’s get onto the make up.

For the foundations challenge the contestants are given their choice (by running at them full tilt) of crowns. From these crowns, they have two hours to create a queen that showcases their abilities as an artist. The winner receives immunity for the showcase challenge.

Right away, Alex grabs the crown that I wanted – this crazy looking thing that resembled branches. It was dark, cold, gothic looking, and would have been a ton of fun to work with. Instead, her character fell extremely flat for me. So flat, in fact, that I have one note written: “Alex wasted stick crown…”

Anthony created a gorgeous blue alien queen and ended up walking away with the win. One thing that is different in this season of Face Off – Michael Westmore is going to hang around the make up room as a mentor to the contestants. This will be a massive benefit for the artists to have the input of someone in the industry, and obviously someone that is extremely talented and knows what they’re talking about, offering direction and advice about their pieces.

Incidentally, Michael was the judge for the first foundation challenge as well.

Moving on to the spotlight challenge.

The contestants are asked to create a goblin king. The king will be based on different regions of a fictional land, and they are given 3 days to complete this task. We all know the drill – for the first few challenges, the contestants are going to be divided into “random” teams. Today the teams were: Jenna and Eric F., Michael and Troy, Alex and Wayne, Alam and Kris, Anthony and Meagan, Katie and House, and finally Eric Z. and Autumn.

So, here’s what I took away from the spotlight challenge:

These people are insanely talented and are going to give each other a run for the win.

There weren’t many dramatic moments in this particular challenge. Just a minor bump when Anthony broke the cast that he and Meagan had to work with, Autumn freaking out over the lack of bald caps, and Alex and Wayne not having paint on their alligator piece when they walked into last looks.

The judges pretty much agreed on the top and bottom teams. Autumn and Eric, Eric and Jenna, and Anthony and Meagan were all in the top while Wayne and Alex and Troy and Michael were in the bottom.

Troy and Michael had a great idea, and their volcano goblin king looked great on paper, but the black paint job with random red lines that would appear to be lava was just horrible. The costume wasn’t any better. Their volcano “crown” was good, again, in theory, but once added to the piece it looked like a dunce cap. Glenn was “utterly confused” by the design… which is never a good thing.

Alex and Wayne were put under the microscope with their chalky looking gator goblin king. He was supposed to reside in the swamp, and Michael Westmore and I both had high hopes for their concept. If they would have taken more than 40 minutes to paint (yes, they admitted that. Glenn actually put his head in his hands, it was painful to watch), their piece would have been magnificent. Instead they were left with a boulder looking alligator thing with a horrible costume that looked like a metal washboard.

The top looks were well earned. Eric and Jenna’s desert king was very cool looking with the apparent animal skull, as well as all of the detail that they added. Ve was correct wen she said that tying everything together with the gold wire was a great choice.

Autumn and Eric were also on top with their jungle goblin king. Their face piece was freaking awesome – the detail in the wooden face (especially the wood knot for an ear!) was fantastic. Eric did a great job with the arm muscles, and the judges all went crazy over it.

Anthony and Meagan were a hit with their mountain king and the way they made it “organically accurate” in their paint job.

At the end of the day, Anthony walks away with the win and Troy is sent packing for his horrid paint job.

Since this was the season premiere of Face Off, there wasn’t that much drama between the contestants or in the work room – there’s just too much of the creation process to get through! While there are 13 contestants left, do you have any favorites that stand out? Let me hear about it!

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