Being Human Season 3 Review “It’s a Shame About Ray”

Being Human (Syfy) Season 3 Premiere 2013 It's a Shame About Ray (8)

Picking up 15 months after last year’s season finale had pretty much everyone between a rock and a hard place- literally in the case of poor Aidan- we got what at first seemed like an idyllic scene with everyone back together cracking wise about Josh’s dubious cooking skills as “Being Human” seemed to lighten up considerably from where we last left it.

Sally: “I think it’s a mistake to let a Jewish werewolf loose on a crustacean. There, I said it.”
Aidan: “Regardless of what your people think of shellfish, it’s just, your knife skills are really shoddy.”

Funny stuff, and, naturally, a complete fake-out. Welcome back to the world of “Being Human,” where the laughs don’t laugh for long. You’d probably start to hallucinate and get a little wacky if you were buried alive and couldn’t die, too. Aidan eventually got out of the hole he’d gotten himself in when Mickey, an enterprising individual who knew where he was dug him up not to free him, but to siphon his supposedly “pure” blood to sell to vampire suffering from a flu virus they got from humans, which proved highly contagious…and deadly. As if this weren’t out of the frying pan into the fire enough, the vamp wasn’t willing to take a little when he could take it all, so he killed Mickey and kidnapped Aidan for himself.

Turns out it was a familiar face for the past: one of the Amish vamps from the previous season, who planned to take Aidan back to his family- or what was left of them- to bleed dry. Then, we got another amusing hallucination featuring the gang, chiming in from the back seat of the van.

Sally: “You’re about to be eaten by a pack of rabid, virus-stricken Amish vampires. Holy crap, Aidan!”
Aidan: “What exactly do you expect me to do about it?”
Sally: “Uh…blow a rape whistle?”
Josh: “On the other hand, if you’re gonna go, let’s face it, there are less original ways.”
Sally: “What, you’re saying that Aidan should die for style points?”

As if that weren’t goofy enough, we also got the return of Bishop, last seen headless.

Josh: “Uh, excuse me, we were trying to have a conversation.”
Bishop: “Uh yeah, I know. I was trying to nap through it. Why aren’t you fighting back?”
Sally: “Hey, I know you’re not thinking clearly because your head was cut off, but Aidan isn’t exactly at fighting weight right now.”

Aidan decides to risk it anyway, but it is too soon, and Amish guy overpowers him easily, decided to get a test sample of his so-called “pure” blood firsthand, biting deep into his neck. Unfortunately for the witless witness (see what I did there?), it not only doesn’t cure him, it kills him and he crumbles to dust. Sadly, it’s while he’s driving and the van careens into a telephone pole, throwing Aidan out onto the ground, where he ends the episode, just barely clinging to life or death or living death or whatever. Being a vampire is so complicated, you know?

Meanwhile, Josh and girlfriend Nora are faring slightly better, in that Josh did indeed kill his maker, Ray- mostly to save the life of Nora, who wounds him just enough for Josh to pick up a rock and bash Ray’s head in, so that the curse will hopefully be lifted. It is- for him. Nora is not so lucky, as she wolfs out as usual during the full moon. Is there another way, or will the only way to free her be for her to kill Josh, her own maker?

Since this development, Josh and Nora have been desperately been trying to find Aidan and Sally to no avail. They heard Sally distress call on the radio at first, so they know she’s in limbo, but they haven’t heard from her in some time, so they seek out professional help. The medium that tried to exorcise Sally in a previous episode refuses to help, either, but points them in the direction of someone who might can help, a witchy woman that works in a soup kitchen. There’s a lot of paperwork involved, leading Nora to declare: “It’s like we’re preparing for a supernatural colonoscopy!” (LOL.)

She tasks them with coming up with $2000 and one other minor thing: the heart of someone one of them has killed. Lucky for them, they know where the body of Josh’s maker is buried, so it’s off to dig him up and fetch said heart. Then, just when you thought things couldn’t get ickier, they have to dig up Sally’s body, too and bring it back so that the witch can perform the magical resurrection spell to bring Sally back…maybe.

Josh: “It’s like being at a day spa…it’s like a mud wrap, right? Only instead of mud, it’s the heart of a man I killed.” (That’s one day spa I think I’d have to take a big pass on.)

At first, it seems like a bust, but then Sally makes a sound and it’s clear something is going down. What’s going down is that Sally is in limbo, accompanied by two guys she sent there last season, Steve and Nick, both of whom she is desperately trying to help get out of limbo. They keep finding a door to exit through, but every time Sally tries to open it, it’s locked…until it isn’t.

She insists they go first, having no idea that she might be leading them to wake up in their graves, as she herself would have, had Josh and Nora not dug her up. This leads to another funny bit, as Sally tries desperately to ask how Steve and Nick are.

Josh: “Did she just say that Stevie Nicks was here?”

The episode also ends with a sequence involving the witch pouring out the remainder of the mixture she prepared for Sally’s resurrection in the woods. It comes alive and leads her straight to Josh’s maker’s grave, where she sets about digging Ray up yet again. What does she want with him? Could she be this season’s main villain? Or could it even be a back-from-the-dead and whacked-out-of- her-mind Sally? (The previews for the season seemed to indicate Sally wasn’t going to be completely normal after she’s up and running again.)

What did you think of the premiere episode of “Being Human”? Did you get the titular joke that was the show’s title, “It’s a Shame About Ray”? (If you came of age in the 90s, that answer was probably yes, if not: check here.) Did you crack up at Aidan’s hallucinations as much as I did? Do you prefer the American or British version better? Let me know in the comments!