Shameless Season 3 Review “El Gran Canon”

If you thought Fiona and Jimmy (aka Steve) has found their happy ending and would be living a life of domestic bliss when Shameless returned for season three, think again. Sure, Jimmy has become the perfect house husband to complement Fiona’s increased ambition, but neither of their stories ends the hour in such a perfect state. In general, ‘El Gran Canon’ ties up loose ends while setting up some crushing disappointments for the Gallaghers to enjoy later.

We’ve skipped winter, leaving three months of lost time to figure out. Frank’s still missing but the only one who seems to have noticed is Deb, who has sweetly created a kind of memorial on the front fence. As Fiona points out, he always comes back, and so he does. He’s made to suffer a little first, of course, as he only finds his way back in the country via a fake passport and a boat load of cocaine up his jacksee. Considering their reaction to his return, will he even factor into his family’s life at all this season?

The real reason we’re all coming back for season three is Lip and Fiona, of course, with both characters holding the show together over the last two years. Karen seems to be out of the picture for good, with Sheila and Jody briefly seen taking care of her child, so this leaves Lip as a free agent. Despite being pushed to use his smarts and get into a good college, he seems intent on following the Gallagher path and mucking up his life before he even graduates high school. His shenanigans are mostly harmless this week, but they do put him in front of a judge again.

Meanwhile, Fiona makes an investment with her old club, who promises her a night at the club to promote. She gives away her last $1,000 with the assumption that Jimmy’s reappearance in her life will bring with it the same perks she enjoyed last time. The trouble is, Jimmy’s problems followed him home and we’re treated to the particularly gruesome murder of Estefania’s lover Marco. His future looks bleak should anyone find out his their marriage is a sham, and I’m guessing this doesn’t bode well for his and Fiona’s relationship.

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