Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “Fish For Breakfast”

After a brief holiday break Mike & Molly has returned in a new episode ‘Fish for Breakfast’. With the title saying it all, Molly literally fries up Nemo in the hopes of getting healthy as her and Mike try to get pregnant. As fans can guess right from the start – this isn’t going to go over well with Mike. With fish in the morning, and a caffeine ban put in place, it doesn’t take long before Molly is drooling over her mom’s glass of wine, and the Chinese food that gets passed around for dinner.

In the meantime, Mike is doing the same, as he looks like he might chew Carl’s arm off for a sip of his coffee and biscotti during a ride in the squad car. While Mike and Molly usually take the cake when it comes to funny, this latest episode also featured a storyline involving Carl and his grandmother. Carl has recently been bringing home his unusual one night stands, forcing his grandmother to kick him out. Aside from her worries of keeping Swiss cheese in the house (you make the connection), grandma has decided that she has had enough of strange girls peeing in her hamper.

Running to Mike and Molly for a place to stay, the two storylines finally intersect, making for one funny scene that becomes the highlight of the episode. Starving and cranky, Mike lets Carl in with a cagey pierced woman, allowing the two to spend the night on the couch, all so that he can split an apple with Molly. A decent comprise for the couple who minutes earlier contemplated the possibility of adopting instead so that they could feel guilt free about ordering a pizza!

By the end of the episode things don’t end well for everyone, with Carl officially sent packing by his grandmother, but Mike and Molly manage to stick to their guns, remaining on their diets.

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