Lost Girl Season 3: Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo and Kris Holden Reid On What To Expect With Bo, Kenzi And Dyson

Lost Girl is coming back to SyFy and TV Equals was on hand to learn more about the new season’s new episodes from Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo and Kris Holden-Reid during a conference call. Read on to learn about the show’s new developments, relationships and more.

Character changes this season

This season is proving to be a tough one for Bo, said Silk. “It’s a challenging season for Bo,” she said. “…[I]t’s really about discovery for her. She goes through probably the biggest challenge she’s faced so far. It takes a toll on her mentally, physically, emotionally and it really challenges all of her relationships, including her relationship with Kenzi.”

“On my end, what I can say without giving anything away is that Kenzi’s life is really in danger this season,” said Solo. “She goes through some pretty traumatic experiences that she has to come out and it really affects her and changes the way she thinks and the soon-to-be decisions that she has to make.”

What was added to the characters

Solo and Silk talked about some things that became part of their characters as the episodes wore on.

“Well, for Kenzi, I don’t think it was written that she was going to be Russian or that she had a Russian background, Russian family. I think that was a big part that was added,” said Solo.

“Bo, originally was this very, very, tough character and I feel like I had a different take on her from the start, in terms of just making her a little bit more vulnerable, a little bit open,” said Silk. “And that sort-of riding the balance between that vulnerability and that toughness. So the writers really adjusted things and…things just kind of change suddenly as the seasons go on, and the writers really sort of honor who I am and what I bring to the role as well as challenge me as an actor.”

Kenzi’s background and relationships explored

“I would really love to delve into Kenzi’s backstory,” said Solo about what she would like to see come up in future episodes. “That’s something that I’ve been talking about since the very beginning, just to see where she came from. What kind of life she had to have had before meeting Bo that has made her the way she is today. Why she had to live on the street and live on her own and leave home and we’ve referenced a couple of times that she had an abusive stepfather and just a pretty crazy family all around.”

“I would really love to delve deeper into that and maybe explore her relationship with her dad and with Dyson,” she added. “Kenzi and Dyson go through a very interesting experience this season, so we delve deeper into the relationship, but in a way I don’t think anybody expects.”

Holden-Reid added, “There are definitely a couple of episodes that push our relationship to new boundaries and limits and we come out of it on the other side even stronger than we’ve ever been.”

Lost Girl in Canada and the U.S.

The cast is pretty stoked for the show to be popular not only in Canada and the U.S., but the world.

“You know, we premiered in Canada last Sunday, and we tweeted throughout…and it was really fun to connect with everyone, mostly in Canada because they were the ones seeing it for the first time, but we still had people from all over the world tweeting and writing back and forth with us…I believe we trended number one in the world on Sunday,” said Silk. “We will be doing the same this Monday night for the premiere in the U.S. and I’m really excited to communicate with the fans in the U.S. as well.”

[A]nd we just aired in Australia as well, which is cool,” added Solo. “The fact that people on the other side can sit in front of their TVs and enjoy Lost Girl just like we can here is a really cool thing to know and the fact that we get fanmail from all over the world, parts of the world that we never even thought would be seeing Lost Girl but they do and it’s always a huge honor when that happens. I think that the special thing about Lost Girl is that it’s so worldwide. It’s a real source of pride and joy for us. ”


Having a bisexual protagonist like Bo is rare on television and Silk talked about how excited she is to be showing this type of character.

“I think that [it’s] an aspect of the show that we’re really proud of. I know I am, because I feel like we’ve been able to portray these relationships in a very honest way and a very organic way and it’s nice to see the response that this is honest,” said Silk. “…I like that people are involved and have really strong opinions and that people have really embraced something that we have started…that now has just evolved into something that’s become central to the show.”

Lost Girl airs January 14 at 10/9c on SyFy.