Welcome Back ‘Lost Girl’ and Hello ‘Continuum’: It’s Sci-Fi Mondays!

lost girl continuum

In a sci-fi type of mood? Well, Syfy has got you covered tonight! In addition to the amazing third season premiere of Being Human (see my review here), we are also getting the third season premiere of Lost Girl and the series premiere of Continuum.

Lost Girl

Lost Girl returns for its third season tonight at 10pm, following the third season premiere of Being Human. I got a chance to watch the premiere early and for those looking forward to their favorite Succubus being back on TV, you’ll get a pretty strong premiere.

While the main storyline in the episode “Caged Fae,” is a typical case of the week type of story with Bo finding herself in quite a compromising position in order to do Lauren a favor.

However, in the midst of it all, we also get quite a few revelations that should make the season interesting, such as the revelation of who the new Ash is (so exciting!! Wish I could say more) and the effects last season’s battle had on Bo.

All and all, I think fans will enjoy the premiere and I think even those who haven’t seen the series before could enjoy it as well.

Continuum - Season 1


Continuum is a Canadian series which first aired there last summer and is finally coming to the US. And if you’ve been wanting to fill a whole in your sci-fi schedule, this show could very easily become one of your new favorites.

The series follows cop from the future, Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols), who finds herself stuck in present day after jumping time with a group of terrorists escaping their execution in 2077.

Kiera connects with teen tech genius Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen), who communicates with her through her technology. With his help, she is able to infiltrate the local police department and makes it her mission to bring the terrorists down before they change the course of history.

While I enjoy the 2077 scenes a whole lot more than the 2012 ones, Continuum is a really compelling series which finds a great balance between the case of the week storylines and the overall plot line dealing with the future and how it all connects to the present and the escapees.

Continuum is a perfect way to start your Monday sci-fi themed night, so make sure you tune in to Syfy starting at 8pm.

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