Continuum Interview: Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster and EP Simon Barry Discuss the Series’ U.S. Premiere

Continuum, the show about a futuristic cop who’s trying to get back home to her time period as well as stop dangerous terrorists, is making its American debut on SyFy, and TV Equals was glad to be able to learn more about this series from two of the show’s stars, Rachel Nichols and Victor Webster, as well as the executive producer, Simon Barry, in a conference call. Read on to see how the show came to be and more.

Technology from 2077

Since part of Continuum‘s intrigue stems from the cool futuristic tools, Nichols and Webster talked about the types of gadgets they’d like to have in 2013.

“This is the best question for me, because I would take my multi-tool. It’s small, it travels well, it does anything I could possibly need it to do in any situation,” said Nichols. “[A]nd…In Season Two, the multi-tool does a lot of different things pretty much every time we see it.”

“I think I would have to take the super suit,” said Webster. “…I don’t want it tailored, I don’t want anything–I just want to hang it up on a wall and look at it.”

The idea for the series

Barry said the idea for Continuum stemmed from the simple desire to make a show that would fit easily into a television production schedule.

“The idea for me came out of a really pragmatic approach for trying to get my love of sci-fi really into a pipeline of television production that was feasible,” said Barry. “So time travel was a really great vehicle for that because you can really have a large mythology and a large universe, but still be set in the present-day world…so, it was a pragmatic decision in the beginning, but once the mythology and the characters started coming together, it grew beyond that into a much more passionate process for me[.]”

Continuum in the U.S. and Canada

Season One of Continuum ended in Canada six months ago, and with the show premiering in the U.S., the cast is very happy to spread their international following.

“I think [airing internationally] one of the most exciting things. In Canada, it started airing in May and, obviously, it did very, very well, and then went to the U.K…and did very well,” said Nichols. “The mechanism of Twitter is fascinating because you have access to all of these people who want to know what you’re doing and what’s going on, and I’ve had such a response from people all over the world from this show coming out, and especially people in the States saying, ‘When it is going to be in the States?…We really want to see it,” and now everybody’s getting their wish…It’s something that’s been well-received and I honestly think that’s what’s going to happen here in the U.S.. It’s something that’s very exciting to think about.”

The setting of Vancouver

Barry said that using Vancouver as the setting for Continuum was a happy accident, but he’s glad it’s given him an opportunity to showcase his home.

“…I had originally developed the idea for American networks, found an opportunity to do it in Canada, and then, to my surprise, was offered an opportunity to do it in Vancouver, which is where I live,” he said. “So, I had a built-in relationship with a lot of actors in Vancouver, having lived here for a long time, and so it was a pleasure for me to really kind of wade into that pool of talent, having a familiarity and understanding where a lot of the great actors were hiding.It’s been great…[B]ecause of the amount of work that comes, [Vancouver] has developed into a very strong talent base on many levels, not just with regards to actors…so I knew there was a much deeper reservoir than people appreciated, and the fact that it’s set in Canada was just a bonus, really.”

The Continuum family

Webster said that the cast and crew of Continuum is very close-knit. “It is like a family. We can come and bring anything up at any time, whether it sounds ridiculous or whatever the discussion is,” he said. “[We] bring everything to the table, and Simon’s always got a very intellectual answer…and it’s very good for us to be able to process all of that information and have that sounding board.”

Continuum makes its premiere on SyFy January 14 at 8/7c.