Bunheads Season 1 Review “Channing Tatum Is A Fine Actor”

Bunheads "Channing Tatum is a Fine Actor" Episode 12 (3)

Bunheads doesn’t take place in the real world. I know this, and I appreciate it, but still its flights of fancy can occasionally stretch the limits of the world a little too far for my tastes. Take the way “Channing Tatum Is A Fine Actor” introduced the new characters of Cosette and Frankie. A little bit of the overbearing mystique and coolness I could understand, but it went so far over the top that it all deflated for me. Thankfully, most of the business buzzing around the edges was fun enough to pump the episode up when it needed it.

Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to bring myself to like the actor that plays Carl, Boo’s newly-returned-from-camp boyfriend, which is a real shame, because I really enjoyed almost everything else about their story this week of meeting each other’s parents. Boo’s family always gets me, and that little cowboy routine her brother did was kind of amazing. I even appreciated Alex Bornstein as Carl’s mom, and she usually grates on me something fierce. It’s just that smarmy way Carl delivers all his lines; there’s something there I can’t get past, and it’s especially jarring paired up with Boo, the most relaxed and fun of the bunheads.

The least fun (though possibly my favorite) bunhead, meanwhile, is en route to some serious melodrama; Sasha is going to be forced to make a decision about moving away, or, as I see the story going, moving in with Michelle. It’s an obvious thing they’re doing, setting up Michelle as a surrogate mother for Sasha, giving both of them a little more structure and support than they would have otherwise, but it’s sweet, and well executed. All the bits where Michelle is forced to deal with Roman were fantastic. Even with all that parenting going on, though, we’re reminded that Michelle is still pretty immature and adrift. She did ask a 17 year old for romantic advice, after all.

All in all, this week’s Bunheads was a perfectly serviceable, if a little flat, episode of the show. And I didn’t even get around to the Truly part of “Channing Tatum Is A Fine Actor,” which might be completely lumped into the “too over the top category” as well, if not for the saving grace of the introduction of Truly’s sister, who I really hope we see again and often. Oh – and that dance number was good too, am I right?