Body of Proof Season 3: What to Expect in 2013

Body of Proof - TCA 2013

Body of Proof season 3 premieres on Tuesday, February 5 at 10pm on CBS. The cast, including Dana Delany, Jeri Ryan, Mark Valley, Elyes Gabel, Matthew Gross, as well as executive producers, Christopher Murphey and Evan Katz were at TCA 2013 to talk about what we can expect in the new season.

The show has been amped up. When asked about the revamp that the show went through between the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3, Christopher Murphey said, “We started looking at the second season, just thinking about ways to really sort of amp up the show, make it more exciting. So we started thinking about ‘how do we bring Megan’s personal life into the actual A case, the actual investigation?’ The idea came about of a detective who she had a past relationship with, and bringing him on board.”

They’ve added more octane. On the same question, Matthew Gross also added, “In moving forward for series for Season 3, we decided to continue that momentum and make stories that are more thrilling, have more stakes, and have the show have a second gear. So it was no longer just about solving a murder but also stopping something else from happening. In doing so, we were leaning bringing up the law enforcement aspect of the show. And that’s why we brought on Mark Valley and Elyes and my dear friend Evan Katz who was on “24,” because we wanted to interject more octane into the show.”

There will be more romance and more energy. To the same question, Evan Katz added, “I think also in trying to give the show more energy, having a potential romantic relationship between Dana’s character and Mark Valley’s character was really the drive that the show could be what it was, but parallel to that we could play romantic tension.”

There will be some interesting and surprising twists. Katz spoke more about what fans can expect this season, saying, “We have a really nice end to this season that sort of resolves in a way what really happened to Megan’s dad. I think we have a great surprise twist [involving] the relationship with Mark. So we’ve sort of designed in some interesting twists.”

Dana Delaney thinks she should be wearing a cat suit. When asked about the recent action-packed promo for the show, Dana Delany said, “I think that promo’s a little deceiving. Believe me, there’s a lot of emotion and depth to it that you’re not quite seeing in that promo.” About the action, Delaney also added, “It’s a little silly in the high heels, I have to admit. I feel like I should be wearing a cat suit or something. But it’s been fun.”

Mark Valley has been retooled himself. When asked what it was like coming in on a show as part of it being retooled, Valley said, “This has been a unique experience. I’ve been actually retooled myself. I feel bad for some of the people who have moved on, but they’re probably doing something as interesting now as well. I just decided to come on and just do my best. It sounded really great to work with Dana again and the way this combination has worked out, it’s pretty cool. There’s some action that I’ve had experience with in previous shows, which is fun to work on. Working with Dana — I can get an idea of what the show was like in the first two seasons. So for me, it’s just been a wonderful opportunity and great experience and I’m glad to be here.

Someone will be running for Congress in season 3. Asked to talk about what will be happening with her character in season 3, Jeri Ryan said, “This season Kate starts to go into politics. At the end of Season 2 she almost died, and then with Peter in the cliffhanger, [she was bleeding out on Megan’s lap. A sense of mortality, I think, was on everyone’s mind at the beginning of this season for the characters. And so Kate decides that now is the time. Life is short. Why wait? And so she decides she’s running for Congress. And so this season has a lot of Kate having to juggle her political aspirations and this campaign with her real job, which is clearly very important and very dear to her, and she doesn’t want to drop the ball, but it’s not always that easy.”

Kate’s private life will be explored a bit more in season 3. Speaking more about her character’s journey this season, Ryan said, “Kate gets a little action finally that’s not Megan’s ex husband. It was nice to explore the character’s private life, because we never really see it, and to learn a little bit more about her background and what makes her tick and to see her in a completely different circumstance where she gets a little more vulnerable, among other things.”

What do you think of the tidbits we’ve learned about the revamped version of Body of Proof? Are you planning on watching season 3 when it premieres on February 5?

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