Being Human Interview: Sam Witwer and EP Anna Fricke On Aiden, What To Expect From Season Three

Being Human - Season 3

The Season Three premiere of Being Human is upon us, and TV Equals has what you can expect from Aiden and the other characters, thanks to Sam Witwer and the show’s executive producer, Anna Fricke and. During the conference call, we learned what Aiden will be up against this season, his interactions with his roommates and more.

Becoming Human

Sure, the show’s titled, Being Human but this season will really play up the humanity of the characters. Witwer said he’s glad for the season shake-up.

“I really liked it…I was thrilled. I thought it was really, really fantastic…You want to feel like…the things that happen leave an indelible mark on the characters and on the situations,” he said. “So you want the show the evolve…I think Anna and her writers did a fantastic job creating a season that allowed us to get really deep with our characters this year. This is definitely a character season, where we really get to know the characters even better than we did before in a big way.”

“If I could just add to that, I think part of what we’ve always loved about the concept of the show is that…with great pain lies great humor and it’s a very human process that they’re going through,” said Fricke. “The whole concept of Being Human is that it’s never going to work out for these people,” she said, laughing. “It’s never going to happen, so even if we do something like shake it up…something is going to go wrong there and it’s never really going to work out. So, I guess that’s why I always feel safe and the writers feel safe in playing with those parameters because it’s not going to work out and if it ever does work out, that’s the end of the show. So, we have some room to play with.”

Aiden’s friendship with Sally and Josh after Suren

Will Aiden’s friendship with Sally and Josh get better now that Royal vampire Suren (Dichen Lachman) is dead? Witwer said yes.

“It’s like when the guy breaks up with the girlfriend that the friends don’t like,” said Witwer, laughing. “…The answer is yes. The answer is, oddly, yes. The thing with the Suren relationship was while there was love there, affection and a lot of attempts at making it work, I looked at it…as this is a bad relationship for Aiden.”

Witwer added, “It’s like that girl that you really want to date in high school and then you dated her at 25 and it just wasn’t what you thought it would be and you just keep trying to make it work and it’s fighting you every step of the way…That was the way I interpreted it–we’re telling the story of a destructive relationship…He’s coming out of that definitely mindful of what it caused him to do to other people and yes, we definitely see the three roommates interacting a lot more this year, which is great fun for the cast considering we all like each other.”

Will Aiden take on Mother

With Mother (Deena Aziz) the cause of Suren’s death, the question might now be if Aiden will decide wage war against Mother. Fricke gave an indication that he could, but might not.

“I will say this about Mother. Given how Aiden went into the ground at the end of Season Two, going after Mother was the first thing on his mind for a very long time,” she said. “As we’ll see as he comes up [from] the ground this season, he’s coming up into a very different landscape. So I think that anything he may have been holding on to underground he’ll have to let go of. But that would be his greatest hope, but things change.”

Sally and Aiden

Due to a small instance Aiden and Sally have together at the beginning of the season, there could be the possibility of something developing throughout the rest of the episodes.

“Sally and Aiden have been roommates for a while now, right? Because of certain things, there’s an unexpected of interaction between the two that they didn’t even know was necessarily possible. So it brought a lot of things into question and I think what it is is that they never even asked themselves that question…As for will that develop, I’ll say that we see a lot of really strange scenes with Sally and Aiden this year,” said Witwer, cracking up about the oddness Sally and Aiden will have to endure. “…and when I say that they have strange scenes,I mean that me and Meaghan Rath have shot are some of the funniest things that I’ve ever been involved in in terms of just the unpredictable elements. If you’re asking ‘Does a huge romance bloom?’ I wouldn’t take it that far. I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily going to happen. But then, on the other hand, you never know. The only one who knows is Anna.”

“The writers are very careful about that kind of thing and we wouldn’t want to do anything between the roommates just for sensationalism’s sake,” said Fricke. “I wouldn’t say that’s the direction it’s going in. We do, of course, throw around those ideas, [but] it’s like, in the final moments of the series, maybe we’ll try and see what happens[,]” she said, laughing. “…[Y]ou really want to be protective of friendships that these roommates have, at the core.”

Aiden and the vampires

This season finds Aiden in an odd position–should he help the vampires (who are now in some trouble) or should he sit back and watch everything unfold? Witwer said Aiden’s conflict will be part of the drama of the series.

“The thing is that Aiden does belong to this group of people…Certainly, his feelings of loyalty and belonging are challenged,” said Witwer. “So yeah. we get to see him make some choices that are sometimes questionable, sometimes dead on, sometimes dead wrong. But I can’t tell you too much, because it would definitely spoil it.”

“I would say that our show is always been a lot about…the balance of nature and what it is to be human, sort-of playing with that moral ground,” said Fricke. “And I think for all the characters…we have the theme ‘Be careful what you wish for,’ because you may get something you thought you had been striving for but a deeper nature in our characters kicks in ad I think that’s what we’ll see in Aiden and in the other characters.”

The new season of Being Human airs January 14 at 9/8c on SyFy.