Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 “Things We Said Today” Review – Wedding Bell Blues

Previously on Grey’s Anatomy . . .
We watched Bailey bail on her wedding to help out with Adele’s medical emergency. Thankfully, Ben got word that he had not been stood up at the alter, leading him to postpone the ceremony until his soon to be wife could make it. The news of Adele’s condition along with a serious motorcycle accident led some of the doctors to ditch their wedding day attire for scrubs and join Bailey back at Seattle Grace.

Finally reconnecting, Callie and Arizona decided to spend a little “quality time” at the hotel. Arizona was understandably still uneasy about her amputated leg, so the couple settled for a little heavy petting and a movie. I am so glad that these two are back on track and appreciate that the writers are taking a slower paced approach to it.

Too drunk to practice medicine, Alex and Jo stayed back and swapped stories – some of which were fabricated – of their hard knock lives. The two decided to get a room by impersonating another guest at the hotel.

The awkwardness of April and Avery continued, as they waited with their fake intern dates for Bailey’s wedding to resume. Avery’s attempts to resist Stephanie’s advances, by telling himself he was not Karev, proved unsuccessful. As if things weren’t already complicated enough, he made out with Stephanie in a car.

Not to be outdone, April had her own contribution to the clusterf#^k. Poor Shane. He tried to ignore April’s advances by overwhelming her with a barrage of trivia. When that didn’t work, he finally confronted her, saying that he had come too far to sleep with his mentor. Someone as sweet and dedicated as Shane will not be long for this world. Well, Shonda’s world.

As everyone focused on the start of Bailey’s marriage, another marriage came to an end. Owen and Christina signed divorce papers, which was followed with a kiss. I suspect that these two aren’t done with each other.

Thanks to an bit of intervention from Dr. Webber and help from Meredith, Bailey was able to save Adele – or so we thought. With Adele appearing to be in the clear, everyone returned to watch the nuptials between Bailey and Ben. Sadly, Adele succumbed to a post-surgery heart attack.

This week’s episode was all about beginnings and ends. What did you think of Grey’s Anatomy? Sound off below!