Elementary Season 1 Review “M”

After last week on Elementary, we were left to wonder who was going to reappear in Sherlock’s life from his past. This week on “M”, we got a huge peek into what the detective was like before crossing the pond to the United States. “M” was an extremely revealing episode, and one that allowed Sherlock to really become vulnerable and open up to Watson. Not to mention allowing Johnny Lee Miller to showcase his acting skills, which he did beautifully.

When a familiar face reappears in New York, Sherlock is given the opportunity for some much needed revenge. A serial killer that only refers to himself as “M”, has made his way to New York after escaping Sherlock’s detective skills in Britain. M killed 37 people, and in a moment of extreme openness, Sherlock tells Watson that M is also responsible for the death of Irene Adler.

“I was smitten with her…” Sherlock explains, and then proceeds to break my heart as he talks about her death being the point where he “lost control” and turned to drugs as more than just recreation. Needless to say, Sherlock is ready and willing to kill M.

When the killer breaks into Sherlock’s home, the detective uses his hidden cameras and is able to find a clear shot of M, which allows Sherlock to track him down. Here’s the scary part: Sherlock freely admits that he has no intention of just bringing M in and letting justice work it’s course. Nope, he’s planning on torturing and killing the guy.

It seems like Sherlock is going to be good to his word judging by the arsenal of tools he has to choose from as M is bound and strung up for Sherlock to begin his work.

However, M has a surprising twist – he was already in prison when Irene was murdered. And he’s not really a serial killer, he’s a hired assassin. Who was his employer that sold him out to the cops? None other than Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes universe!

Fans of the novels will surely like this twist, as well as Sherlock sparing M’s life so he can help him find Moriarty. And maybe even Irene if she’s isn’t dead… who knows? Irene could be alive and kicking with the way Moriarty likes to play with Sherlock, am I right?

Watson is another major point in this episode. She decides to say with Sherlock, even after his father tells her that she cannot continue her employ. In fact, she lies to her friend and tells him his father agreed to the arrangement. Is Watson really worried about a relapse? Or is there more to the relationship other than doctor patient?

I’m excited to find out as more episodes of Elementary continue! I’d love to hear your thoughts on Moriarty returning, and what your theories are about Watson staying with Sherlock. Until next week, Elementary fans.

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