‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 Premiere Date Officially Announced

Arrested Development cast

Netflix’s content chief Ted Sarandos has officially confirmed a target date for the return of the highly anticipated comedy series Arrested Development, EW has shared. According to the latest, the show will make its season four debut this coming May.

The new season will consist of 14 all new episodes of the crazy Bluth clan. Leading up to its big premiere, Netflix has released a sneak peek of the series for critics, showcasing Gob Bluth on a cross. The delay of the series comes after the show’s creator, Mitchell Hurwitz, revealed that he had additional footage that will help to extend the original 10 episode order to the now slated 14 episode schedule.

‘Arrested Development’, that was cancelled back in 2006, stars well known actor Jason Bateman (Horrible Bosses), Michael Cera (Juno, Superbad), Porsha di Rossi (Ally McBeal), Will Arnett (Up All Night), Alicia Shawkat (Three Kings), Tony Hale (Stronger Than Fiction), David Cross (Kung Fu Panda), Jeffrey Tambor (There’s Something About Mary), Jessica Walter (Archer, The Big Bang Theory), and long time actor Ron Howard Happy Days), who is the show’s narrator.

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