‘Shameless,’ ‘Californication’ and ‘House of Lies’ Posters Preview Sinfully Good New Seasons

Showtime is gearing up for the premiere of their “Sinful Sundays” lineup with the release of new posters for Californication, House of Lies and Shameless that showcase each of the series’ particular brands of edgy humor.

First up we have Shameless, which is pushing a grungy fairy tale theme this year with the tagline, “Living crappily ever after.” Fiona (Emmy Rossum) gets to play Snow White in the photo, while the rest of the Gallaghers and Steve (Justin Chatwin) stand in as her motley crew of dwarfs. It’s an appropriate theme for the series to explore as it heads into its third season since Fiona is going to be grappling with the realities of domesticity this year (as we saw in the last batch of promos).

Then we have House of Lies‘ season two poster featuring a smirking Don Cheadle acting out the old “liar, liar, pants on fire” adage, and Californication‘s David Duchovny slipping back into his bad boy role of Hank Moody against a background featuring the title of Hank’s novel in lights. As the tagline says, Hank is entering “a new stage” in season six, and you can catch a sneak peek of just what that might entail here.

All three series return this Sunday, January 13th beginning with Shameless at 9PM ET/PT, followed by House of Lies at 10PM and Californication at 10:30PM on Showtime.

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