Scandal Season 2 Review “One for the Dog”

Scandal Season 2 Episode 10 "One for the Dog" (3)

Welcome to a new year and an awesome new Scandal. There are a few tv shows that always have me on the edge of my seat yelling at the tv, and Scandal happens to be one of those shows. This episode was certainly no exception. There was a lot going on in this episode, so let’s get to it.

A few thoughts about “One for the Dog”:

This week’s episode picked up pretty much where the last one left off. About 3 days have passed since the Scary Men in Black Suits came and took Huck away. For those 3 days they beat, waterboarded, and basically just tortured him trying to get him to confess. I don’t want to get into an in-depth discussion about the morality or the immorality of torturing American citizens on American soil. ABC broadcasted a disclaimer about the level of violence in the episode prior to airing it, but their disclaimer didn’t really cover the brutality wee were about to witness. I admit, I had to cover my eyes for some of what they were doing to Huck. Thankfully, though, Huck wasn’t in there totally alone. David was there as the US Attorney’s representative. I’m not saying that David was there as Huck’s friend; he wasn’t. But David was the one man in that basement who was interested in making sure they had the right guy. I was kind of starting to warm up to David a little, but this episode sent me a pretty good piece down the road toward really liking him. He is the one character on the show that I feel is really, truly trying to do the right thing and has pure motives. He doesn’t just know the law; the law is who he is. It’s not just words on a page to him. Truth and justice actually mean something to him. He was obviously uncomfortable with Huck being tortured (we all were), but it wasn’t just the physical discomfort that comes from watching a man being beaten to within an inch of his life. It was the discomfort that comes from knowing that the Constitution that you believe in and have sworn to uphold is being used as justification for destroying the very rights and protections it guarantees to American citizens. Ultimately, it was a good thing that David was there. He not only saved Hucks life; he also assisted in saving Fitz’s life.

Mellie is forever causing trouble. I’m trying to figure out at what point she decided it was a good idea to forge Fitz’s name and pretend he’d woken up. She claimed she put a lot of thought into it, but she obviously didn’t. How exactly did she think that was going to play out? Did she not think that anyone was going to want to see/speak to Fitz? Did she think Sally Langston and Hollis Doyle were just going to slink silently off into the background without a fight? What exactly was her endgame? For all her ranting that Hollis and Sally are the powergrubbing, she is just as powerhungry as them. Maybe even moreso. She claimed that she did it for Fitz, but the truth of the matter is, she did it for herself. She could see everything slipping away and she made moves to save it, not for Fitz, but for herself. Mellie has been conniving, manipulative and just this side of evil almost the entire time, but never has she been blatantly stupid. Her move in this episode was blatantly stupid.

There are some characters you love to hate. There are other characters that you love more than you hate. Then there are those characters that you just hate. Hollis and Sally fall squarely into that category. Most nefarious characters have some sort of redeeming quality about them to balance out the disdain they elicit from the viewers. I’m still looking, but I see absolutely nothing redeeming about Hollis and Sally. Hollis is evil, pure and simple. He kills indiscriminately. He lies incessantly. And he orchestrated the (attempted) assassination of the President of the United States so he could get someone in office that he could control. Hollis doesn’t necessarily want to be President because that would limit his power. He wants to be the guy who has the President’s ear. That’s the guy with the real power, and he certainly wasn’t shy about using it on Sally Langston. He’s in her amen corner, whispering in her ear and basically using her as a puppet for his own purposes. Sally is so caught up in the power of the presidency that she either can’t or won’t see that Hollis is pulling her strings. It’s clear that she doesn’t give a hoot about the American people too. She is all about herself. That’s evident in how cavalier she was about attacking East Sudan. She wanted to attack because she could, not because it was the necessary thing to do. She may not have known anything about the assassination, but she is certainly milking every ounce of opportunity from it. I have a feeling that Hollis isn’t going to just disappear into the background either. He knows that the other members of the Roundtable of Evil know he orchestrated the assassination, but I don’t think he cares. He figures if he goes down, then he’s just going to take them all with him.

It looks like Edison and Olivia are done. And if they aren’t now, the writing is certainly on the wall. It’s really difficult to move on with your life when you love someone as much as Olivia loves Fitz. It’s doubly hard when that person is quite literally all around you. Olivia wasn’t really ready to start dating anyone when she started seeing Edison. Her breakup with Fitz was still too new and she was still very much in love with him. I don’t think she was necessarily being malicious toward Edison, but she knew she wasn’t ready. And it’s cruel to pretend with someone when you know that you don’t love them. I don’t think Edison is completely oblivious to this fact either. He’s known the whole time that he wasn’t getting all of Olivia, but he figured that if he just waited and kept plugging away she’d eventually give him all of her. But that’s not fair to either of them. Edison deserves someone that loves him, will be honest with him, and will be in that relationship with him 100%. Olivia is not that person, and I believe he’s finally realizing that she’ll never be. Edison isn’t a bad guy. Actually, he seems like a pretty decent guy, but Olivia’s heart belongs to Fitz.

This was a really good episode and a great way to start 2013. I do have one little nitpick though. I am not a fan of the transitions they used to illustrate simultaneous conversations. It was as if we were observing the characters through glass. They used this same technique in the season premiere, and I wasn’t a fan of it then either. It’s more distracting than it is creative. That one nitpick aside, I enjoyed this episode. Cyrus and James’s baby (if they can ever get her) was so adorable. And the last 2 minutes were beautiful. After Cyrus, the next person Fitz wanted to talk to wasn’t his wife. It was Olivia, and he smiled just hearing her voice. That was a beautiful Olivia/Fitz moment. While watching that, though, I can’t help but wonder just how much Fitz heard while he was in a coma. Olivia, Cyrus, and Mellie were talking about all the shady stuff they’ve done because I guess they figured Fitz couldn’t hear. But what if he could? What if all of that starts coming back to him as he heals? That could be problematic for all of them. Can’t wait to see how all of this develops. So what did y’all think of this week’s Scandal?

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