Private Practice Season 6 Review “Good Fries Are Hard To Come By”

Private Practice Season 6 Episode 11 Good Fries are Hard to Come By (8)
. . . and the character-focused episodes of Private Practice continue.

I haven’t been the biggest fan of this concept, but I was happy to two of my favorite characters were featured back-to-back. First, Charlotte. This week, Amelia!

I’ve missed Amelia a lot this season and this week’s episode shed some light on why she’s been largely out of the picture for the past few episodes. In particular, I was hoping she’d be a larger part of Sheldon’s episode. We learned at the top of the hour that Amelia had officially reached a year of sobriety. The contrast between Amelia giving her speech at her AA meeting was quite striking as it paralleled with her personal reality. As she stood before the group, self-assured and seemingly enjoying her freedom and great apartment, we learned that Amelia was feeling quite along and had yet to unpack her terrific new place.

I’m pretty sure that her co-workers reaction to her revelation about her true feelings reminded her of why she’d been keeping it all to herself. In true, well-intentioned Private Practice doctor meddling, her friends decided to set her up on a few blind dates and get her out of her apartment.

From the first time the pair appeared onscreen together, I thought Amelia and James had pretty great chemistry. And come on, who can turn down an offer of really great french fries? James is all about fries and hugs – not kisses. This of course drives Amelia crazy. Personally, I think I’d take the hug and fries but I’m also having a long week at work, so I’m all about the comfort. All the anticipation was worth it in the end, as James showed up at her door mid-shift, kisses her and walks away. As much as I liked that moment, I loved even more that it led to a little bonding between my two favorite women on Private Practice – Amelia and Charlotte. Like any good sober buddy, Charlotte initially checks to see if Amelia is up for the emotional rigors of a new relationship. Once she’s assured that Amelia is, she hands her an assortment of condoms. Damn, I love that Charlotte.

In the end, we discovered that Amelia was MIA because she was off in bed and falling in love with James. I like the outcome but I still hate that it came at the expense of seeing more of the character. And if that wasn’t enough, we got great friendship moments between Sheldon and Amelia and he FINALLY opened up to someone about his prostate cancer.

It was great to see closure to Amelia’s troubled storyline from last season. Only two more episodes left and Private Practice is a wrap! What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!