Parenthood Season 4 “Small Victories” Review

Parenthood Season 4 Episode 13 "Small Victories" (1)
Parenthood is all about the heavy issues in its fourth season. This week, Amy returned to drop a bomb I’ve been waiting for since she and Drew first “connected” during Jasmine and Crosby’s wedding reception. Indeed, Amy has a bun in the oven. Unfortunately, Drew is not exactly in a position for denial, as we recently saw him and Amy “reconnecting” in Mark’s apartment. Drew, either you totally lied to Mark about being safe or you have the worst contraceptive luck in the world. I don’t know what’s more painful, having to endure Amy again or having to watch Mark get sucked back into Sarah Bravermen’s drama.

Unsurprisingly, Amber is the first person Drew finally shares the news with after Amy comes to him for money for an abortion. Amber has been really hitting it out of the park this season, maybe only second to Crosby in the familial support category, so I was encouraged when Drew opened up to her. I really expected this storyline to drag on through the finale and maybe the next season. Much to my surprise, Amy had the abortion and a broken Drew finally turned to his mother for support. I’m not the biggest Drew fan, as his angst is not charming in a Japanese anime-like way, but I really felt for him this week. That’s a lot to endure for someone at Drew’s age.

As if things couldn’t get any gloomier, the other focus of the episode was the ongoing saga of Joel, Julia, Victor and Evil Sydney. Victor is clearly still hurting and decided this week to go on a food strike. To be more accurate, he decided to boycott all things prepared by Julia. That’s a tough position to take, with Joel spending most of his time at work now. Victor’s food strike leads to a stolen candy bowl, a tug-of-war with that same candy bowl, a fall off the bed and false claim of child abuse with the police. Yep. That just about sums it up. Things look like they’re going to get worse before they get better with Joel being sure that he wants to adopt Victor and Julia, well – not so much. Adopting isn’t always easy, so I appreciate Parenthood highlighting some of the challenges of that process this season. Having said that, I am really rooting for a happy ending to this story or at least marked improvement before the season ends.

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