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Nashville (ABC) Episode 9 "Be Careful of Stones That You Throw" (3)
We journeyed back to Nashville last night in “Be Careful of Stones That You Throw,” picking up not too long after where we left off last year. Just long enough, in fact, for Juliette to dash to the courthouse, marry her football player, and deflower him in the back of a limousine. Busy girl!

I honestly didn’t think she’d go through with it. The marriage, not the sex. I had no doubt that eventually she would vanquish his virginity. So, now Juliette wriggled her way into her Tebow’s family, and his mother couldn’t be less thrilled about it. Rather than acting like the Christian she claims to be, Juliette’s new MIL decides to be passive agressive as all hell, demanding a church service for her baby boy, and stirring the pot about Juliette’s mom.

But when forced to see her mother in rehab, Juliette starts to get a late case of cold feet. Does she really love her Tebow or is she just desperate for the happiness and family she’s never had? These questions, plus the fact that thanks to her touring schedule and his football games, they have to schedule their limited time together, lead Juliette to direct her limo not to the church for her wedding, but to the airport where she will presumably fly to meet Rayna to start their tour.

As for Rayna, she’s not exactly looking forward to spending all sorts of time with Juliette out on the road, but she is looking for an escape from Teddy and her father. We got confirmation of a HUGE secret when Rayna’s dad tried to blackmail her into cancelling the tour and sticking by Teddy during the election: Rayna’s eldest daughter, Maddie, isn’t Teddy’s child…and Teddy knows it.

Obviously Maddie has to be Deacon’s daughter, adopted by Teddy when Deacon was in rehab. This kind of knowledge in the hands of Rayna’s father is dangerous, but things will get nuclear if Deacon ever finds out. He’s already approaching misery out on tour with his new rock band, and it only got worse when he found out Rayna was going to tour with Juliette.

As for Scarlett and Gunnar, that kiss he gave her has all but destroyed their friendship. They can’t even write together. She ended up having break-up sex with Avery, but quickly came to her senses when he told her how he’d screwed over his band in his quest for fame. Of course, he sugar-coated it, but Scarlett saw through it. She kicked him out and eventually hooked up with his old band members…and probably sang their songs better than he ever could. And Gunnar, well, it looks like he might give it another go with music producer girl. Until the next time he has an in with Scarlett, that is.

Finally! The tour starts next week! The thing I’ve been looking forward to since the beginning. I just hope it doesn’t let me down, but it sounds like we’re in for a lot more country drama.

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  • Chris1215tine

    Great review and great show. Drama, drama, drama – love it and thanks for reviewing.