Last Resort Season 1 Review “Damn the Torpedoes”

Well, here we are folks! The first episode of Last Resort in 2013 is also the first of the final three episodes. “Damn the Torpedoes” seems to be quickly escalating all of the major story lines just in time for their series finale in a couple weeks. Most of the stories are moving along in a swift and satisfying manner, and some of them…not so much.

So Sam is obviously in mourning over the assumed death of his wife. How do you know he’s in mourning? Because he grew a big, nasty beard! People on TV shows only grow gross beards if they’re depressed or drunks, so it looks like Sammy qualifies for the former. Anyway, he goes on a little hike to clear his head, and he happens upon a few sailors and the Cob discussing a mutiny! As a big fan of the X-Files, I was very excited to hear Robert Patrick joining the Last Resort cast, but I definitely feel his character has been a little shortchanged. He’s been off the show for a few episodes in a row before the last one, and now we find out he’s a part of some rebel group out of the blue? He tells Sam he’s not with them, but he sure didn’t seem very innocent hanging out with them and attacking the XO. His character has been very back and forth throughout the series, so I’m hoping we get some resolution for the Cob before the finale.

The story aboard the Colorado was an exciting one this week, as a US Destroyer was sent to sink a Chinese vessel bringing supplies to Sainte Maria. I really loved the spin of Captain Thorne on the Destroyer being a fan of Chaplin since before all of this craziness went down, as it’s always interesting to see people from the outside world interacting with the insulated reality of the Colorado crew. We so rarely see people from outside the island directly interact with our island crew, so it’s always exciting when it happens.

Not only did we have the nail biting torpedo sequence, but Cortez was able to make one of her long journeys to that mountaintop to get more orders. What are her orders this time? To kill Marcus Chaplin! We knew she wasn’t going to do it, but that didn’t make her attempt any less thrilling. Her scene with Marcus in the bar was OK, but how great was that scene in Marcus’ quarters? Just incredible. The Bible passage was perfect, Jessica Camacho did a great job in communicating Cortez’s conflict, and what a great reveal at the very end showing us that Marcus was concealing a gun underneath that Bible! It sums up his character perfectly. He’s willing to use his intellect and emotions to convince people to see his point of view, but if they don’t, he’s ready to use force. He handled the situation with the Destroyer the exact same way that he handled Cortez. Wonderful stuff.

There were a few interesting scenes involving the minor characters this week, as Julian tried to get Sophie to join him in a partnership. He then speaks to Zheng about this mysterious rare element that’s found on the island. I would care a little more about these developments if there were more than two episodes remaining, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Meanwhile, there’s still boring scenes back in Washington DC, and they’re still not as interesting as the stuff going on at the island. This week was a little more intriguing as congressmen and senators at the top of the government all discuss a coup d’etat, but even some faceless general getting shot wasn’t enough to interest me.

Overall tonight’s episode was another great hour of television, and it makes it even more heartbreaking that the show will be ending in just a couple weeks. Hopefully showrunners Kadjusek and Ryan can put together a satisfying conclusion. I guess we’ll see soon!

Random Thoughts:

– Has Ernie Hudson ever NOT played an authority figure? This might be the only time I’ve ever seen him not play a police officer or a Ghostbuster, but now he’s a congressman.

– Was there a whole day where they trained the cast on how to slide down those banisters? I don’t know, but all I know is that I very badly want to do it.

– In case anyone was wondering, Marcus was reading from Matthew 5, from a section more commonly known as “The Beatitudes”. Such a great choice for what Cortez was going through.