Go On Season 1 Review “Win at All Costas” – Mr. K Finds a New Purpose

Go On (NBC) Episode 12 Win At All Costas (2)

Go On’s latest episode, “Win at All Costas,” features Bob Costas, of course, but it also sheds more light on Mr. K and Fausta, but especially Mr. K. What a strange man.

The episode starts out with Ryan getting a call from Costas, his hero. Costas says he’s a big fan of Ryan’s show and wants to talk to him. Ryan is so thrilled by this news that he shares it with everyone and even turns it into a auto-tune song to jam out to in his car. He and Steven also jump around like little schoolgirls at a sleepover.

Fausta also has great news to share with the group; she’s inviting everyone to her niece’s quinceanera. Interestingly enough, it’s also at this time that we learn that Mr. K does, indeed, have a job, and what a job it is. He’s a aerospace engineer who has been designing the Curiosity rover for 10 years. As he shows the group the NASA feed of the rover in action, Ryan asks what his next accomplishment is going to be. This leads Mr. K into an existential spiral–he doesn’t know what he’s going to do next with his life and now he feels purposeless.

Back at the office, Ryan finally gets to speak with Costas. Costas wants him to join him on a television show, and while that should be good news, it’s horrible for Ryan. As Steven points out, Ryan did TV once before with Richard Eisen, and it turned so badly, that a gif of Ryan staring blankly into space has gone viral on the internet. Ryan tells the group that if Janie was still around, she would tell him encouraging things and would make him believe he would do well on Costas’ show. That’s when Mr. K says his new purpose will be becoming a new Janie for Ryan.

As the group disperses for the day, Danny asks Owen about any quinceanera dress codes, and Owen, who’s not a big fan of Danny anyway, plays a joke on Danny by saying they have to go shopping for bullfighters’ clothes.

Ryan goes back on Eisen’s show to finally slay the beast. I suppose it helps that Mr. K gave him a scalp massage before–that is what Janie would have done, after all. In any event, Ryan feels ready to tackle Costas’ show, but things happen. Things like Mr. K talking Costas out of talking about sports and into things like art and the Fibonacci Sequence. This sidelines Ryan and once, again, he’s staring out into space. Of course, Eisen gleefully makes fun of the disaster on his show, making another gif.

Go On (NBC) Episode 12 Win At All Costas (1)

Ryan blames Mr. K for ruining his chance on television, and his anger makes Mr. K think that his real purpose is to ruin good things for other people. But at the quinceanera, Ryan apologizes to Mr. K, saying that he realizes he was only trying to help. Mr. K is back to being happy and creepily in love with Ryan.

Meanwhile, Anne is annoyed with Fausta for not inviting her to the quinceanera–according to Fausta (and, I guess, everyone), Anne is too much of a bee-yotch to be a part of such a happy occasion. During the event, Anne barges in and finds an empty table to sit at, convinced Fausta’s grief isn’t any worse than her own. However, if you remember from the pilot, we know Fausta’s grief is tremendous–she’s lost her entire family, and the table Anne was sitting at was in honor of them. After Anne apologizes for being a bee-yotch and for sitting at her family’s table, she asks Fausta how she can keep smiling after such pain. Fausta responds that smiling is basically the only the she can do, so she chooses to put a grin on her face. And being in the group helps. She says that Anne–and everyone else–helped fill her empty table. She then proceeds to dress Anne into her niece’s dress and helps her “find a man.”

As a parting note, I leave you with this–if everything else fails for Costas and Eisen, they should go into acting. I think they’re naturals.