Exclusive Interview: Supernatural’s Ty Olsson Discusses New Film Borealis

Ty Olsson in Borealis

Ty Olsson is a man on a mission. Many fans may know him best as Dean’s vampire BFF Benny on Supernatural, but he also has another project that he wants everyone to watch. The film is called Borealis and is a pilot that was made for Canadian television. Sadly, the series was never picked up and the premiere episode is pretty much being run as a “burn off” this Friday, January 11 on Canadian network, SPACE.

Olsson just found out that the neglected pilot was going to air and with just four days to get the word out, he’s determined that all fans of sci fi, fantasy and the supernatural get to see it.

Check out what Olsson had to say about the project:

Why are you fighting so hard for as many people as possible to see this film?

Ty Olsson: I don’t know all the politics. CTV/SPACE Channel wanted to pick up the series, but someone at Bell Media, which is kind of the parent company, said no, due to a change in management. So we’ve gotten sort of lost in the transition. I don’t really understand it, but I really want to see what an audience thinks of it because that’s been the one thing that’s been missing. But [SPACE] announced with four days notice. You can’t advertize a yard sale in that amount of time. Honestly at this point I’m not pretending that it wouldn’t take an absolute miracle for something to happen, but I’m just stubborn and I’d love for the world to see a piece of me. I would feel somewhat justified if an audience sees it and goes, “you know what, this is a really good show.”

Ty Olsson: Just people viewing it will be more payment than we’ll ever see from this project. And you never know, the wishful thinking is that a miracle could happen.

What is Borealis about?

Ty Olsson: It takes place in 2045. The ice caps have melted and the last oil and gas reserve on planet earth has been discovered in the far Canadian north. Borealis is the gold rush town that kind of springs up around the industry that goes there to rape and pillage the last resource on the planet. The ice caps have melted to reveal a piece of land that starts coming under question as to who owns it and Canada, much like it is today, lacks a military force to defend its own country. There’s an international dispute over who owns the northern most part of Canada, which is where the last oil and gas reserves are found. It’s an apocalyptic story. There’s a heavy sense of politics in it, but it’s all being played over the small, rugged northern Canadian town.

Who is your character?

Ty Olsson: Vic is an ex-Ultimate Fighter who was killed in the ring and revived with modern technology. He comes back from the dead and realizes that part of it was a huge set-up and he’s been drained of all of his funds in a kind of underground mafia sort of thing. He’s not entirely convinced that all of him has come back and so he has this sort of haunting thing that he thinks that part of him was left on the other side.

How does Vic play into the main story?

Ty Olsson: Vic comes back and decides to be an entrepreneur and sets up what is the beginning of Borealis. He sets up a hotel and a bar and all the services that people might need. Vic’s tavern is kind of the center of the story.

What made you want to make this pilot?

Ty Olsson: This was one of those scripts that, when it was going around, it had a lot of buzz about it because it was such an intelligent script, such an interesting script. So it became one of those to be on. Our director did such a fabulous job bringing the world to life. I’m so excited for people to see it.

Are Canadians the only people who can see Borealis?

Ty Olsson: Yes, but I’m encouraging everybody to find a place that’s live-streaming it because I think that the more people who watch it, the more it will say “thank you” to the creators, the writers, the actors the crew and people who put their heart into it.

Borealis airs on Friday, January 11 on SPACE in Canada (check local listings for air time). So if you’re Canadian, be sure to tune in, and if you’re not in Canada, well you’ll just have to find it and watch it whatever way you can. Come on people, let’s show Ty Olsson and the rest of the cast and crew how much we appreciate their hard work!

Supernatural fans, be sure to stay tuned for part two of our exclusive interview with Ty where we talked about Benny’s relationship with Dean, whether or not we can trust Benny, and lots more.

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