The New Normal Season 1 Review “The Goldie Rush” – Everyone Wants a Baby

The New Normal Episode 13 The Goldie Rush (7)

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed The New Normal, so much so that I almost forgot the characters’ names. But it’s time to get back in the saddle; The New Normal is back and this week’s episode, “The Goldie Rush,” reminds us why this show is fuzzy, entertaining television.

Bryan is happy to be interviewed by one of his favorite magazines, Ladies’ Home Journal, but when the interview turns towards children, Bryan realizes that he’s a bit bamboozled when it comes to family planning. Luckily, both Bryan and David know they want three children–it’s obvious they’re soulmates, unlike Bryan and his ex-boyfriend Monty (the recently “out” Matt Bomer), someone who didn’t want any children and viewed being gay as a lifetime rave.

Bryan and David start getting serious about when they should have their other children, forgetting that Goldie needs to have a say in their parenting plans. Their view of Goldie solely as an incubator gets stronger once they come back in contact with Monty.

Thanks to their fertility doctor’s “bipolar” episode about being lonely, Bryan and David decide to try to hook him up with Monty. (I think this is the first time we’ve heard that their doctor is gay, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m just all about continuity.) But not only does the blind date fail, but Monty–who now realizes that he wants children now that he’s older–falls into surrogate love with Goldie and wants her to be his surrogate.

The New Normal Episode 13 The Goldie Rush (6)

Goldie ends up refusing his offer, but she also refuses Bryan and David’s family plans, too. She has her own plan for her life–she wants to open up a children’s clothes shop at the farmers’ market and finally find her purpose. Bryan and David realize that they’ve been selfish by forgetting Goldie’s a person, and dive head-first into her plans for her future.

And as for Monty, Bryan and David get the surprise of their lives when they find Monty in what seems to be a really committed (and vaguely creepy) relationship with the doctor. Instead of going full-force into Surrogate Land, they’ve decided to practice parenting with the doctor’s niece.

Meanwhile, Shania is having trouble at school. Some Mean Girls are being nasty to her and are spreading a nasty picture of her. Jane tries to help her by dressing her up like a mini-Jane and demanding her respect, but it backfires. It’s only when Jane and Rocky teach Shania how to read her enemies (via their drag queen versions, the drag Jane played by RuPaul Drag Race alum and The Stylish’s Willam’s Beatdown host Willam Belli) that Shania gets her comeuppance.

Once Shania gets her respect, she turns her Queen Bee status into the power to fuel her Earth Mother/socially conscious personality and life mission. As she hands out her favorite feminist books, she gains friends.

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It’s good to see this show again. I forgot how quippy this show can be, what with the strange intersex joke (or jab, depending on how you look at it), the line about Younger “I’m gonna make it!” Bryan writing a Smallville spec script and, of course, Jane’s racism. It’s also nice to see Jane beginning to make friends with her new family, particularly Rocky. The two of them together have a great dynamic that’s even more fun to watch than Jane and Bryan. Overall, a nice show to round out my viewing night.

If I have any thing to nitpick about, it’s that Goldie’s been given less and less to do the more pregnant she gets. She’s always reduced to just eating. I’ve seen my own mother pregnant, and I recall her doing more than just eating. Mostly, she was lifting heavy things and performing other tasks she might have needed to cool out on while with child, not to mention taking care of her other children. I’m sure you’ve seen your mom pregnant, too, and I’m sure your moms were doing more than just eating, too.