The Mindy Project Season 1 Review “Mindy’s Brother”

On the latest episode of “The Mindy Project,” we are introduced to the titular “Mindy’s Brother,” Rishi (Utkarsh Ambudkar), aka “Reazy Peasy.” Much to Mindy’s horror, he shows up unannounced to trash her house, use her $68 dollar bubble bath mix and to break her heart when he tells her he’s dropping out of college to become a rapper. Never mind that he would be the first rapper of Indian descent since the notorious Kevin G, Mindy isn’t having it.

Thing is, the guy’s pretty good! He really is sort of the Indian Justin Timberlake! It’s not every day you hear a rhyme for “hemo” and “Finding Nemo.” It certainly beats rhyming “estranged sister” with “deranged blister,” though both sound like something the Beastie Boys would come up with. He eventually kills it at a rap battle, which Mindy reluctantly participates in after Morgan screws the pooch with ill rhyme skills. MY favorite was when she started to sing the hook: “Brown Channing Tatum (!) won’t you come on and bone…ok, I’m not gonna say that to my brother.” I also thought her version of the mic drop was adorable.

Meanwhile, Danny & Jeremy are doing their best to address the fact that their rent has been jacked up to double the price out of nowhere. Turns out their old realtor has been put in an old folks’ home and replaced by his dill-hole of a son (was that Haley Joel Osment?), who assaults them with Nerf darts when they try to convince him to return to the old rates. I loved Jeremy’s reaction to almost getting hit in the eye by a rogue dart: “I am seeing a 3D movie tonight and if my experience is hampered by this Nerf nonsense, I will send you the bill and I will expect you to pay it.”

They eventually end up at the old folks’ home and make a deal to help the father close the deal with a lady friend in exchange for talking his son into lowering the rent. So, Jeremy sweet-talks the old bird, complimenting her on her perfume, which turns out to be Febreze! (Or as she calls it, an Italian scent called “Fabareezee”- hilarious shades of that “Glade/Gla-day” commercial.) Meanwhile Danny keeps a competitor out of the way by listening to his war stories- cue the cry of “Greatest Generation”! Alas, it seems that the lady in question is married to said competitor, and their realtor is mixing it up with someone he shouldn’t be. Oops! Still, all’s well that ends well, and the old goat promises to talk to his son on their behalf, though it remains to be seen how that will go.

Definitely a solid episode all around and Rishi is a keeper. I hope to see more of him in the future and more of those dope rhymes as well. Anyone else spot Tyler the Creator at the rap battle, BTW? Nice. That instrumental track Rishi was rapping over had Odd Future written all over it.

Fave lines:
Mindy, lamenting over lost love/seeking safe haven from dream stalkers: “I have 600 channels and none of them want to hurt me.”

Mindy, thinking she’s about to die, to her best friend: “I want an all-black choir at my funeral.”
Alex: “Disable his groin!”

Mindy, on commuting to Staten Island: “I will not take a boat to work like I am in the Vietcong!”

Rishi, to Mindy after she interrupts his bath: “Why don’t you skedaddle on out and let me soak up some of these righteous rhymes?”

Morgan, on Mindy: “Your sister’s a great person, but zero stage presence. I know you wanted a woman to sing this part, but I did play Effie White in the Otisville production of “Dreamgirls.” My cellmate said it was, quote, ‘better than solitary.’”

And my favorite, from “The League”-vet Mark Duplass, as Dr. Brendan: “3 Days later, I was discovered delirious and dehydrated, fighting off yearlings for access to a doe teat, but guess who discovered me?”
Mindy: “Bootleggers?”

Other fun stuff included the subway guy with the knife in his belt- loved the look on his face- the visual joke of Mindy and that old guy wearing the same outfit (she definitely wore it better); Jeremy’s “arm garters”; the joke about “Hunger Games” checks; the Boston accent bit: “A wicked long time, you fart-knocka” and the goofy argument about the difference between stones, rocks, and pebbles with Dr. Brendan. Plus, Mindy’s line about “Are you guys hanging out without me?”- I see what you did there, Mindy Kaling, and it was greatly appreciated.

What did you think of “The Mindy Project” this week? Did you like Rishi? Do you think he has a future in rhyme? Did you recognize “Barney Miller”-vet Hal Linden? What was your favorite definition of “steez”? (Gotta be Steve Zahn, right?) Let me know in the comments!

  • David

    Steez really means syle and ease. The rhymes were all funny, this show has such a mix of talent all around and is the most unique show in the fox lineup for me. Watching a bunch of 30 somethings act like their in their 20’s is something hugely entertaining to me. Maybe thats how they wish they could act. Oh a huge plus for this show, is that they finally made one that wasn’t about Mindy’s love life, maybe they can continue that. But being a guy who likes to get in the minds of girls, I actually don’t mind that but ‘m sure I’m in the minority.

    • Mark Trammell

      Yeah, in the sense you mentioned, it’s the prefect match with “New Girl” where they essentially do the same, possibly even more so. I can realte, as I just turned 30 myself! Agreed on the non-love life focused plotline- I actually thought this was funnier than most of the ones that did focus on that. But I’m with you on the whole getting into the mind of girls. To that end, you should definitely see HBO’s “Girls.” It’s def in the vein of “Mindy,” only with nudity and cursing, it being HBO and all. It’s been a great season for women on TV all around, IMHO.