The Lying Game Season 2 Review “The Revengers”

The Lying Game 2013 Premiere "The Revengers" Season 2 Episode 1 (7)

I hope you were taking detailed notes while The Lying Game season one was airing, because ten months later, things have picked up for season two almost exactly where they left off. In this premiere, ‘The Revengers’, Alec has been arrested for murder, Sutton and Emma are at each other’s throats, and Ethan and Thayer are still warring over which twin is in their arms.

As I mentioned, it’s a good job the ‘previously on’ snippet was so detailed, because there’s no way we would have remembered all of the twists and turns from season one without it. Recounting the princess vs. pauper tale we’ve already gone through, now we get to enjoy the show with the knowledge that Rebecca is, in fact, the girls’ birth mother. I wasn’t quite clear on this, but does the news mean that Ted is actually their biological father? In the pool scene Rebecca describes the four of them as the family she should have had, so maybe Sutton wasn’t raised by two completely unrelated parents after all.

But how much does she know? Have Sutton and Rebecca been orchestrating everything since the beginning or did she find her much later? Considering we saw Sutton on the hunt for her biological mother during the first season, I guess it happened sometime around the mid-season break when everyone thought she was dead. That’s when Charisma Carpenter turned up, after all. Suffice to say, it’s getting pretty complicated, and Alec’s knowledge of the twin swap just makes things more so. It’s not crazy to think that he’s known about Emma all along.

Speaking of, Alec isn’t getting out of jail anytime soon, with Rebecca bribing a judge just to keep him inside. She seems fine with his possibly facing the death penalty, which is just about as cold as it gets, but is keeping her game face on for the press and her new husband. There’s something horribly threatening about Rebecca in this episode, and I predict fireworks down the road. She is after Ted and Sutton is after Ethan, and neither will stop before they get what they want. They’re supposed to be the villains of the piece, I guess, so is it wrong that I sympathize with their plights more than those of the supposed ‘good guys’?

Sutton’s right in saying that Emma stole her life, after all, and anyone would be a little bitter had their sister stolen their boyfriend while they was out investigating their true parentage. I’m far more interested in the relationship between Ethan and Sutton than I am in that between Emma and Ethan, as there’s just more fire and longing there. Where did Thayer and Emma’s connection even come from? I watch the first season of The Lying Game in one big lump, and the supposed relationship between them came out of nowhere. Thayer had made no impact as a character in general, and I couldn’t care less what goes on in his love life.

What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that Jordon turned out to be Rebecca’s son? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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