Haven Season 3: Emily Rose, Eric Balfour and Adam Copeland Talk Upcoming Season Finale

Haven is wrapping up its third season, and TV Equals was happy to hear from the show’s stars–Emily Rose, Eric Balfour and Adam Copeland–about the show and some of its mysterious elements. Read below to see what kind of kind of Christmas presents the cast would have given their characters, the progress of certain relationships and more.

What would the cast give Christmas presents?

At the time of the conference call, Christmas was around the corner, so in light of the festive season, Rose, Balfour and Copeland discussed what kind of presents they would have given their characters.

“I think I’d give [Audrey] anxiety medicine. No, just kidding. I think I’d give her more time, I guess, ultimately, but in terms of an actual gift, I think maybe, materially, I’d give Audrey a better car,” said Rose. “She’s always got the crappiest car. She has no cool car. I mean, Nathan has no home that we actually ever see, but I’d probably give her more time and a cool car.”

“I think it’s pretty simple. I think Dwight would probably want a different trouble. Being a bullet magnet is probably not the best trouble to have, so maybe that,” said Copeland. “[And] maybe a motorcycle, if we’re going to go materially and vehicle-wise. I could see Dwight in a motorcycle, which would pigeonhole me into a motorcycle, and that’s not a good thing.” Instead of a motorcycle, Rose said, “Get Dwight a dog, Adam.”

“I guess if you’re going to ask me what a perfect Christmas present for Duke would be, I’d go with a Teddy Ruxpin doll, because it would be real nice for him to have someone to cuddle with at night,” said Balfour. “Oddly enough, Duke sure seems to spend the night alone a lot. I think a Teddy Ruxpin to soothe him to sleep would be very nice.”

Duke and Audrey

Will Duke and Audrey ever get together? Balfour said probably and probably not, in so many words.

“You know, I think there’s an amazing thing about human nature where we want what we can’t have and when we get it, we sometimes don’t want it anymore and I think that’s true with audiences as well,” he said. “I know there are people who root for Audrey and Duke to be together, and Audrey and Nathan to be together and there are people who even root for Duke and Nathan to be together…you know, one of the beautiful things about a show like this is the longer we can figure out interesting and intelligent ways to bring the characters together and pull them apart and bring them together–I know that’s something I’m always fascinated by… it’s pretty true to human nature in our own lives, anyway. We’re constantly doing that in real life.”

Haven‘s popularity
Haven’s fanbase is strong, and if there is anything that has given the show a cult following, it’s the focus on character relationships, according to Rose.

“We’ve always said it has the sci-fi element to it, and it takes place in a sci-fi series, but it’s more than that…It’s the relationships are really what drive the show,” said Rose. “It’s not the special effects, it’s not what trouble will happen that week. It really is the ongoing saga that happens between all of the chess players. I think that it has elements of romance and drama and sci-fi and all of these things. I think that’s what it brings to the table.”

Duke’s growing characterization

Balfour revealed what it was like to play Duke in Season Three.

“I don’t know that Duke is more of a good guy this season. I think he is being more true to his nature this season and it’s been a really fun dichotomy to play,” he said. “[T]he writers did a really great job of writing, but it’s interesting since Duke always had a very clear code of honor, which made him fun because he’s uncompromising. Uncompromising people are sort of easy to like. But I always think there’s going to be a struggle in Duke…I think he’s always going to struggle with his good nature because of the things that have happened to him in his life and the character that has been created and the backstory that he has. I think there’s always going to be a struggle.”

The importance of the barn

Throughout this season, the barn becomes a really big focal point, said Rose. “You know, it’s been really fascinating because this barn has really grown in prominence this season,” she said. “I think that’s probably the most exciting thing about this last episode is how close we get to unearthing this mystical…building.”

Rose went on to say that the barn is one of the elements of the show that intrigues her. “I still don’t even quite understand everything that it is. But it’s been really neat,” she said. “It’s one of those things that you dance around for a long time for each of the seasons and then you go, ‘Oh, this is cool. We’re actually going to go there. This is really interesting.” It’s been fun for me and…it feels in a way like a portal, in some manner of the word. Like, the mystery of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe growing up…and I’ll be really fascinated to find out more about it, hopefully, as the seasons go on.”

A message to the people of Newtown

At the time of this conference call, news was just trickling out about the horrific events in Newtown. In fact, the season finale was originally supposed to air December 21, but was postponed until January because of the finale’s inclusion of violence in a high school. After thanking the journalists who are following Haven, Balfour said, “I know some of you guys are…live-tweeting us right now and I do want to take just a second to acknowledge and to send our prayers and thoughts to all those families and victims in Connecticut. I know some of us on the call didn’t even know about it yet…I just woke up to it and I just felt remiss not to at least say something and…hope that we all kind of figure out a way to take care of each other better. It’s not our place right now to talk about gun control or things like that, but we sure need to figure out a way to support each other and how to take care of each other and pay attention.”

The two-hour Season Three finale of Haven airs January 17 at 8/7c on SyFy.