Happy Endings Season 3 Review “Ordinary Extraordinary Love”

Happy Endings Season 3 Episode 9 Ordinary Extraordinary Love (4)

It’s our second visit to Happy Endings this week, ‘Ordinary Extraordinary Love’, and I’m starting to get the feeling that Penny’s perfect boyfriend, Pete, did a runner over the Christmas break. Judging by the ‘loving’ nicknames given to her by her colleagues (spinster, train wreck, undateable etc.), she’s still as lonely and pathetic as ever, so where is her prince charming? Still, she at least got to show off her PR skills tonight, as she attempted to score some publicity for Alex’s store.

When a famous singer (think Miley Cyrus-esque?) buys a dress from her little boutique, Penny tells Alex to set up a photo op outside the restaurant she’ll go to for her date, but the pair inadvertently cause a celebrity meltdown in the process. Spinning it as a good thing for the store, they still have to make up for their mistake by setting up another date with the girl and her ‘ordinary, extraordinary’ suitor in Dave’s ‘Steak Me Home Tonight’ food truck. It’s sweet, and brings the two girls together for a change.

Dave and Brad, meanwhile, try to prove their manhood by installing a dimmer in the apartment. It’s too bad they’re much more interested in acting like DIY experts than actually doing any manual labor. It all comes about when Brad starts feeling insecure about his role as a house-husband now that Jane is the one going out to work every day. There are some questionable gender stereotypes at work here, but having Dave come in as his equivalently useless partner quietens down my inner feminist somewhat. To be honest, I’d find anything Brad was involved in hilarious, no matter what it said about me.

Speaking of well-worn stereotypes, Happy Endings expertly flips things round in that special way they do when Max decides to try to categorize himself in the gay world. Some of these ‘types’ were absolutely hilarious (ginger snaps, chameleon etc.), and allowed the show to completely avoid any offense the storyline could have caused. That fact that Max doesn’t easily fit into any televisual gay stereotype has been written about since the show started, and I loved that they felt the need to address it in this episode. Starting his own category, Max is now an ‘optimistic red-velvet walrus.’ Brilliant.

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