‘Do No Harm’ Promos: Meet Both Sides of Jason Cole [Video]

NBC is giving the old Jekyll and Hyde tale another shot with the midseason series Do No Harm (the network tried a similar concept in 2008’s My Own Worst Enemy), the tale of Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale), a mild-mannered doctor by day, who turns into a professional psychopath every night at 8:25.

Jason’s devilish alter ego goes by the name of Ian Price, and after years of being kept at bay, he’s ready to wreak havoc on Jason’s life. NBC has released three promos that highlight Jason’s battle with his dark side, and they all establish Price as quite the troublemaker with a penchant for buying fancy cars and ensuring Jason wakes up surrounded by strange women (are we sure Jason’s not just partying too hard?). At least one of the promos hints that Ian could be more than a lothario with a love for expensive toys when it reveals Jason waking up to find “You don’t make the rules” scrawled above his bed.

Do No Harm premieres Thursday, January 31st at 10/9c on NBC.