Deception (NBC): What to Expect

Deception (NBC) Episode 1 Pilot

NBC’s new series Deception aired its premiere on Monday, January 7. Before the show premiere, the cast, including Meagan Good, Tate Donovan, Victor Garber, Laz Alonso, Wes Brown, Marin Hinkle, Katherine LaNasa, and Ella Rae Peck, along with executive producers Gail Berman and Liz Heldens, spoke at TCA 2013 about what fans can expect in the first season.

“Nothing is as it seems.”

Talking about the show, Victor Garber said, “The great thing about Deception, and why the title is so apt, is that nothing is as it seems.” He also said that the characters on the show were “so dimensional that it allowed [me] to be able to play all these different things.”

He also described the show as “very truthful,” saying, “You can actually believe that this could happen and that these people are real.” As for the mystery of who the killer is, Garber said, “What’s more interesting than not knowing, thinking you know, and then finding out you’re wrong? That, to me, is the essence of drama.”
When asked about how class and race will be represented in the show, Liz Heldens said, “We definitely touch on class,” and that what happens on the show “is a way to sort of deal with race without actually having to talk about it.”

On that subject, Meagan Good added, “One thing that I thought was really cool is when I read the script: the characters were not specified [by] race. It wasn’t “this young black girl” or anything. It was just Joanna.”

“The second season is about proving it.”

Liz Heldens commented on the premise of the show, saying “As far as the mystery, I think the plan that we’ve always had in our heads is to reveal to the audience who the killer is, and Joanna will probably have a pretty good idea, and [the] second season is about proving it.”

Tate Donovan spoke about his character, saying “What drew me to this character was: I liked the idea that everyone in the world thinks he’s guilty of murdering and raping someone 10 years ago. What does that do to you? It’s very liberating to play a character that doesn’t really care what people think. He assumes that you hate him and you think he’s guilty and he’s a murderer. So he could care less about how he comes across. And the reason why that’s liberating is because I’m completely the opposite as a person. I really want you to like me.

Gail Berman said that they were also “very happy” to have Tate doing some directing in the first season.

“Willing to die for the cause.”

On her character, Meagan Good said, “I love that there’s kind of a moral compass inside of her without being self righteous, without being judgmental, and there’s a heart to her.” She also talked about how she did research for her role, saying “My father was LAPD for 26 years, and his wife was FBI. I got a lot of good information, and one of the main things was just the mentality that goes into living that lifestyle and potentially what you can lose,” adding that “It’s like you almost have to emotionally disconnect to a certain degree and really, like Joanna, be willing to die for the cause.”

When asked about her character, Ella Rae Peck said, “Mia [is] really, really smart, and a little rude and mean, but really fun. I think at the core of her is a nice person.” She said that the only way she was like Mia is “that we sort of have the same sarcastic personality,” adding that parts of Mia “find their way into my life, I’m doing sort of smart alecky jokes more than I used to.”

About his character, Laz Alonso said, “What I love about Will Moreno is that I get to play a lot of emotions and the insecurities and the feelings that a lot of us have at times.” He said that, as a guy, “you’re taught to hide those feelings and never let the world know that you may be insecure about certain things,” but that playing Will gave him the “opportunity to play things that you try to hide in real life.” He added, “This character’s given me the opportunity to show some real human emotions.”

Deception airs on Monday nights at 10/9c on NBC. What do you think now that you’ve heard from the cast about the first season? Are you going to keep tuning in for more?

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