Cougar Town Season 4 Premiere Review “Blue Sunday”

Cougar Town Season Premiere 2013 Blue Sunday (8)

Well, Cougar Town is back, and if you were worried about the switch to TBS messing up the show in any way, be calm. “Blue Sunday” gives us the same Cougar Town we know and appreciate. Beyond a few winks on the title card and at the beginning (“Telling our stories to each other, to the world!”), and a montage of wine pouring just to set the viewer straight on what this show is really about, the show hops right back in to the cozy world of the Cul de Sac Crew.

Of course, the main thrust of the plot deals with Grayson and Jules being a newly married couple, and while the initial premise of everything in the first week setting a precedent is funny enough, I think things really take off once Jules falls into her “blue vortex.” There’s something so perfectly Cougar Town-y about Jules becoming that upset over something that happened in a dream that I couldn’t help but to love it. Even Ellie takes it completely seriously, and her line to Grayson, “I’d apologize, but I know how to behave in a dream,” might have been the biggest laugh of the night for me.

On the sidelines, Bobby is trying to impart some fatherly wisdom to Travis, and Laurie is having trouble managing a long-distance relationship with Wade, all while Travis’s drunken admission of love to Laurie hangs over everything. Bobby’s sex tip was also a strong contender for funniest line: “Get her butt naked, and kiss everything but the good parts. Nunnalingus.” His advice about nearly every other dilemma is to just run away from it, and the little arc of Travis acting superior all the way until the end, when he runs away from Laurie, was a nice little B-story.

And all around the edges, there’s the same wacko vibe that Cougar Town always manages to bring. The miming of Jules’s light, the hand gestures when Jules tells Ellie about what happened to her during her Ambien sex session, Laurie’s belief that her nickname, “the community chest,” came from her love of Monopoly; all of it helped reassure me that Cougar Town hadn’t gone anywhere. And to top it all off, “Blue Sunday” gave us that hilarious tag at the end, about what’s coming in the rest of the season. I was especially tickled to see Michelle Williams show up (Cupcakes? What what!), knowing that she and Busy Phillips are such good friends in real life. Here’s hoping the actual rest of the season is just as funny.