American Horror Story Asylum Season 2 Review “Spilt Milk”

I don’t even know where to start with American Horror Story: Asylum tonight. Between Dylan McDermott and his prostitute, the would be abortion, and two babies… “Spilt Milk” was aptly titled, and absolutely insane.

Dylan McDermott reappeared with some serious mommy issues in tow. Quickly his situation takes a very, very disturbing turn, but continues to follow the theme of mother abandonment that has been running rampant through American Horror Story this season. We know that he has some major problems with his mother never being around for him and for never being emotionally stable, and apparently he’s really incredibly upset about being bottle fed.

Moving onto Briarcliff and Lana’s escape. Mother Superior helps Lana escape since she does Sister Jude’s bidding now, and wants Lana to bring Briarcliff down brick by brick. Not that I blame her at all, considering the horrible things that go on behind the walls of the asylum. Lana does end up strolling right out of the front door of Briarcliff, with Bloody Face’s confession tape in hand. In an amazing shot, where Lana plasters the recording against the window of her exiting taxi, Dr. Thredson gets to watch the mother of his child drive away with her middle finger in the air.

Love you, Lana.

Then we move on to some darker stuff – like where Lana appears in Thredson’s living room and gets some well deserved revenge. True to her word, she returns to Briarcliff for Sister Jude only to be told that the nun has committed suicide.

Not likely, as Jude would never, and The Monsignor is a terrible liar. I’m thinking he got the idea to fake Jude’s death from Kit when the now released patient demanded that Grace be released from Briarcliff with him so they could retrieve the son that was ripped from Grace’s arms. Grace was pronounced legally dead, and wouldn’t be missed if anyone questioned Briarcliff about her whereabouts. So Kit and Grace are free to live their life with baby Thomas… until they get to their new home where Alma is waiting for Kit. … With a baby.

I don’t know what to think about “Spilt Milk” other then we’ve got three babies hanging around, McDermott is certifiable, Jude is locked in solitaire, and the Monsignor is turning out to be a real ass.

What did you think about American Horror Story? Are you picking up on the clues for season three? Let me know in the comments below!f

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