The Biggest Loser Season 14 Episode 2 Review – Return of the Second Week Curse

It’s day two of The Biggest Loser for viewers, which means the dreaded second week on the ranch for the contestants. Fans of the show should be all too familiar with the dreaded week two curse. Considering it happens season after season, it’s clear the curse is really science but referring to the phenomenon as a curse makes for much better television drama.

To make matters even more tense, the contestants had to worry about the return of the dreaded red line elimination along with the curse. No politics, no secret alliances, no impassioned pleas – you fall below the red line, you go home.

As we got to know more about the new contestants, viewers were also introduced to new features this season. Each trainer was given an opportunity to design their own outdoor fitness area in which they can train their teams when they want a break from The Biggest Loser gym. First up was Bob, who brought some gorgeous, fit friends with him to help train his team. Based on his Twitter feeds, Bob is a pretty avid follower of CrossFit and his area seemed heavily influenced by the workout.

Next up was Dolvett’s “dungeon,” which was equipped with huge ropes, sandboxes and a lot of other devices sure to bring the pain and burn the pounds. In Dolvett’s dungeon, contestants will go through hell to get to heaven. Yeah, that sounds great. Way to sell it, Dolvett. Jillian’s training ground for her soldiers is pretty bare in comparison to the other trainers. She believes her team will be more successful with workouts that rely on their body weight instead of equipment. Indeed, a 20 pound dumbbell pales in comparison to balancing a full 300 pounds of your own body weight.

Whose design do you think will prove the most successful? Time will tell, along with the determination of the contestants.

Another familiar face returned to The Biggest Loser this week – Dr. Huizenga. As we’ve seen in past seasons, Dr. H arrives at the start of the competition to scare the crap out of everyone about their dire circumstances. This season, it was diabetes, sleep apnea, fatty blood, fatty livers and several prescription cocktails. The great thing about Dr. H’s first visit is that it compares a great basis for comparison later in the season when he returns and you see how much everyone’s health has improved.

Not to be forgotten, the kids reunited with the adult contestants for a football-themed challenge led by San Diego Chargers player Antonio Gates. The white team won the challenge for Sunny, who got $5,000 for her school and a visit from her favorite football player. Sweet.

Frustrated with her team, Jillian decides to team up with Bob for a grueling last chance workout. Indeed, Jillian may be a yeller but based on past seasons, I would never want to catch Bob’s wrath.

Weigh-in time finally arrives and the blue team is up first. Unfortunately, Jeff is the first casualty of the week two curse, as he failed to lose any weight. I suppose it could have been worse – he could have gained a pound or two. Dolvett’s red team is proving to be pretty consistent as they managed to eek their way through with everyone managing to lose a few pounds. Jillian’s team is last at bat and unfortunately, they were 1 pound shy of keeping their team intact. Nathan went home and only two members of Jillian’s team remain.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser? Will Jillian’s team finally turn it around?