Switched at Birth Season 2 Review “The Door to Freedom”

It’s a brand new Bay in the season two premiere of Switched at Birth, ‘The Door to Freedom’, as the rebellious streak we saw last season has been replaced with a new, studious and sensible teen who wants nothing more than to get out of the bottom ten per cent of her class. That’s not to say that the school believes the big change in their most difficult student, and she is caught up in a cheating scandal after scoring high on a French exam Angelo had helped her study for. Daphne, meanwhile, is still held up on Chef Jeff, Angelo is enjoying his $5 million awarded to him by the courts, and Kathryn thinks about running for office.

Daphne and Bay seem to have switched places again over the break, with the former now occupying the ‘problem child’ space left open by Bay’s new leaf. Disregarding her dalliance with her boss last year, she’s now blowing off classes and incessantly texting Jeff for all sorts of mundane reasons, and thus missing the obvious advances of poor old Travis. Travis became the show’s most sympathetic character during season one, and I really hope that he becomes a bigger part of the series now. The final scenes suggested that his long-standing crush on Daphne may not be such a lost cause after all, so could there be a new romance on the horizon?

As anyone would be, Angelo has been busy splashing the cash since we went away. Buying extravagant and personalized gifts for every member of the Vasquez/Kennish clan, he saves the best for last when he awards Daphne her very own food truck. I doubt we’ll see this in action since she’ll be busy with high school and relationship drama, but maybe she’ll start her own business before graduation? I like how the storyline with father and daughters is going, with the pregnant girl from the end of the season turning up again, as Bay delivers some home truths to her father about abandoning sensitive little girls before their first birthday.

With the episode choosing to focus on the two girls, the rest of the cast don’t really get a look in this week. Kathryn’s storyline is pushing forwards, of course, as she decides to run for office after being sweet talked by some golf buddies. The Kennish brand is a powerful thing, but those in charge decide that it might be better if John runs instead. He doesn’t seem interested, but maybe pushing the family into the public eye will keep the thread of scrutiny alive now that the court case is settled. I can’t imagine it’ll end well for Daphne or Bay if their dirty laundry is aired in public again, and we all love a bit of drama.

This was a strong episode to return on, and things have changed just enough to justify the season split only a few weeks after the first wrapped up. Emmett’s back on the scene now, with Bay having forgiven him for his indiscretions with Simone, so that romance will surely be a focus in coming weeks.

What did you think of the episode? Will Travis’ love for Daphne ever be requited? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • ptjackson

    I understand the anger about abandoning the unborn child, but they never conclusively said if it was Angelo’s. The fact is that people come out of the woodwork when folks come into money. So, what were the DNA results – or was the test not actually done, only requested by Angelo?

    Also, while the abandonment is a real issue, the sex is not – heck, these people are getting bothered by a grown man, who was not married at the time, and feeling abandonded himself as he faced deportation, for having sex? Not my personal morals, but pretty standard for TV. I think there is a bit of hypocrisy at work there.

    I do hope that Travis and Daphne get involved – I like him, and he is a good reality check for these folks.

    And Bay – that school, come on, so give her another test and see how she does – put her in an isolation booth, for crying out loud! That would prove she did not cheat.