Revolution (NBC): What to Expect in 2013

Revolution Episode 10 Nobody's Fault But Mine' (2)

Revolution returns from a very long hiatus on March 25, but show bosses Eric Kripke and J.J. Abrams, along with cast members Tracy Spiridakos, Billy Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell, Giancarlo Esposito and David Lyons were on hand at this week’s Television Critic’s Association event to give teasers of what we can expect to see when it returns.

“Everything will change forever.”

The tagline to the new trailer is “Everything will change forever,” and it certainly seems like that will happen when the show starts up again in March. Kripke said the show will “pick up exactly where we left off.” As for those choppers we saw in the fall finale, he also added. “We don’t take away the fact that Monroe does have choppers,” and that “giving him power was about making him an unstoppable force.”

“We officially start delivering on the title and the “revolution” actually begins.” Kripke also said.

“I’ve gotten in touch with my inner 8-year-old.”

When the cast was asked if they learned anything new by working on a show that lets them do things like sword fighting and horsebackriding, Giancarlo Esposito said he enjoyed riding. “In a way riding a horse is an organic connection to our world,” he said.

Billy Burke said that is “still learning as I go” when it comes to the swashbuckling, but that it’s allowed him to get “in touch with my inner 8-year-old.”

“The next piece is even more exciting.”

When asked about the fact that the show will be off the air for so long, Kripke remarked that “a lot of shows on cable are running this model” and “I like to watch episodes that run continuously, [and I’m] excited that Revolution gets to do that.” Kripke also added that the second half of the season will launch “a new storyline with the brother and the battle against Monroe. I think the next piece [of the story] is even more exciting.”

“It’s all about expanding the world.”

Now that we’ve seen helicopters, will we see more power and as well as other types of machinery being used that don’t require power? Kripke’s short answer was “yes,” but he added, “it’s all about expanding the world, and we’re teasing it out at a very deliberate pace.”

On the subject of some characters having access to power and if it’s too soon in the show, Abrams said, “Eric pitches these ideas that are compelling and they have been really thought out. The way this has been pitched; we will know that the power is there, but will it remain on constantly way too early? The answer is ‘no.'”

“These guys are going to be in walkers.”

Kripke, well known for starting his previous show Supernatural with his famous five-year plan, remarked that they “definitely have the season end mapped out.” Adding, “as much as I had in my previous show, I have a sense of where I want each season to be in the end.” He was also quick to point out, “but they are just guides, so that we can veer left and veer right. There’s really no end of the stories we can tell.”

Kripke joked that the show could go on so long that one day “These guys are going to be in walkers,” (indicating the cast members on the stage.)

With power being such an important part of the show, Kripke and Abrams were asked if they could be as creative without the technology we have these days.

“I still remember having to do research in a library.”

Eric said, “For me, the process starts and ends with the internet. The amount of technology available..I still remember having to do research in a library and print out copies. The internet is invaluable and I don’t know what I’d be without it.”

JJ said, “It’s about efficiency,” remarking that he was currently doing visual effects on Star Trek and that he enjoyed being able to “look at footage and give notes from anywhere.” He also added, “That being said, I usually write longhand first,” because he liked the “tactile feeling” he got from writing by hand.

Many in the cast told stories of how the show, and the theme of living without power, has influenced their lives. Esposito said that he and his family decided to do things like just hang out and talk over the holidays. Elizabeth Mitchell said that she and her son have implemented “no electronics day” at their home.

We’re still sadly a couple months away from Revolution‘s return. What did you think of the tidbits the cast and showrunners revealed about the rest of the season? Do you think you’ll ever try to live a day without electronics just to see what it’s like?

Check out the new Revolution trailer below.