New Girl Season 2 Review “Cabin” – Beware the Green Fairy

We bid farewell to guest star Olivia Munn in “Cabin,” this week’s episode of New Girl, as the crazy stripper could handle absinthe, firearms and swinging…but couldn’t bear taking her wildness down one measly notch for the sake of Nick’s health. And for the sanctity of his armpits.

It was supposed to be an ideal weekend in the mountains for Jess and Sam, but when Jess begged Nick and his fling to come along, things got crazy pretty quickly. How crazy? Well, Jess accidentally shot the transformer with a rifle and plunged the cabin in freezing darkness, and Nick chugged most of a bottle of absinthe. Oh, and then while Nick was taking care of Jess after her own battle with the green fairy, his not-girlfriend tried to get into Sam’s pants.

I think we all knew that Nick and the stripper weren’t going to be a love match, but it was still mildly surprising that she could spring the news on him so coldly. With just a note. At least it wasn’t a post-it note. However, Nick’s reaction to it was both priceless and heartbreaking. Once again, Jess was there for him at his lowest moment, with words of kindness and encouragement…and just a touch of underlying attraction.

I’m not calling for the death of the series, but why aren’t they together yet?!!

Okay, meanwhile, back at the apartment, after seeing Winston chatting with a group of black people, Schmidt became convinced that living with him and Nick and Jess was repressing Winston’s “blackness.” Can I just say….Winston’s reactions were pitch perfect. Schmidt gets all the glory, but Winston is the un-sung hero of the show. He decided to play along with Schmidt, ordering massive amounts of delicious soul-food instead of the Indian cuisine he wanted, but things escalated when he started BS-ing a story about his fond, childhood memories of crack.

Schmidt, being Schmidt, completely missed the joke and drove his friend into the ‘hood to score. But they only ended up scaring a local man into nearly giving them his wallet. I love these two together. Comedy gold.

All in all, a nice welcome back for New Girl. It’s not exactly a resolution, but by 2014, could we at least have a Jess-Nick one night stand that makes everything super awkward?

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