Castle Season 5 Review “Significant Others” – Three is Never Good Company

Castle Season 5 Episode 10 Significant Others
For a man who is as good with the ladies as Richard Castle, he certainly does manage to get himself into the worst situations with the ones closest to him. In “Significant Others,” this week’s episode of Castle, Meredith, his ex-wife/mother of his daughter, showed up to take care of Alexis during her freshman mono (almost a prerequisite to graduation)…and Castle invited her to stay at his place.

Unfortunately, Beckett was also staying there while her apartment was being fumigated. Three isn’t a crowd; it’s an awkward mess. Beckett made it clear she resented the situation (somewhat understandably), and Castle tried to smooth things over in his usual way (with expensive hotel rooms and champagne), but getting out of the situation proved far trickier than getting into it. Especially when it seemed like Meredith was going out of her way to make Beckett feel like the third wheel.

As it turned out, though, after getting strong-armed into having dinner with her boyfriend’s ex-wife, Beckett found herself charmed by Meredith. And, at least to the naked eye, Meredith approved of Beckett being with Castle. So, because the ex wasn’t the witch she imagined, Beckett had to know why she and Castle hadn’t made it work, not even for Alexis’s sake.

Now, maybe it’s just because we see far more of the show through Castle’s eyes than Beckett’s…we’ve met his mother and his daughter and seen his home life, not to mention having watched his feelings for Beckett evolve from attraction to love…but when Meredith told Beckett that Castle always held back his personal life and his inner-most thoughts from her, I was a tad bit confused. Castle? Holding back??

What I don’t understand is why Beckett let the woman into her head. If anyone holds back, it’s Beckett herself. Why is she always so quick to believe the worst of Castle, after everything they’ve been through together? I sometimes can’t figure out what Beckett wants from him. He’s supposed to be strong, yet soft; available, but not too available; funny, yet only when absolutely appropriate. I think she really does love him, but it’s becoming clear that she isn’t it all confident that he loves her back and that’s probably going to start showing very soon.

But if I’m wrong, and if you really think that Meredith has a point, that she wasn’t just trying to mess with Beckett, let me know in the comments below.

As for the case, it was fairly standard. Divorce attorney was killed by a woman who had staged her own death to punish her ex-husband. The highlight was watching another feuding divorced couple destroy each others art. But it was nice to see a few former soap opera stars, like Jack Wagner, getting some prime-time work.

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  • susan

    i am just super sick of kate having a problem in their relationship. we have yet to get an episode where they are just happy in their relationship – it is either kate doubting or not being invested or castle screwing up or having a problem…
    where is the episode where they wake up happy and naked in bed together – talking, kissing, etc…i mean come on! we get more from a daytime soap than we have from this show.
    we get a random, G rated kiss every once in a while, a few looks we swoon over, and that is it – come on!!
    you cant look like they do and have the chemistry they do and expect we wont want and deserve them to be way hotter than they are – like WAY more…
    so this ep. did nothing for me – again, kate is showing me she is not very invested in this relationship – castle has said i love you – and i figure he backs off because he is totally afraid if he is himself, it will scare her and she will bolt….
    really wish they would just give us a little happiness in this amazing tv couple…

  • JeannieB38

    I think that Meredith is a master at manipulation. She knows how to push people’s buttons to get what she wants. I think the whole “get to know you ” dinner between her and Kate was a way to find out Kate’s weak spots in regards to her relationship to Rick. This woman ( Meredith) has an agenda and I don’t think we have seen the last of her. She seems to only want things that belong to others ( now that Kate and Rick are together, now he is what she wants). I wish we could’ve seen Meredith interact with Martha and Alexis more as they both seem to see her for what she really is.
    I feel a bit sorry for Rick as he is outnumbered by women in his life. I can’t imagine how hard it is to try and keep all of them happy.

  • ptjackson

    I really enjoyed watching all the comments from everyone about what a mistake Castle made by letting his ex stay at the loft. My husband was commenting to our son about it too, and it was soooooo funny!