Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “The Cricket Game” – When the Evidence Lies

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 10 The Cricket Game (4)
We arrived in Storybrooke for the second half of the second season of Once Upon a Time right along with Cora and Hook in this week’s episode, “The Cricket Game.” As the title would imply, poor Archie became the first (major) victim of Cora when she “killed” him in order to frame Regina for his murder.

Why would she want to frame her daughter? Well, what better way to get Regina back on her side than to ostracize her from the townspeople who were only just barely beginning to tolerate their former mayor/queen? Regina really was doing her best to rehabilitate herself, and I don’t think it was just for Henry’s sake, but then Cora came along and destroyed her efforts with a little circumstantial evidence that opened a floodgate of bad memories.

We flashed back to the days right after the defeat of Charming’s faux-father, as Snow and Charming took over his kingdom and managed to capture Regina. Charming decided she needed to be executed, but even at the last second, after Regina’s final words were full of hatred, Snow just couldn’t do it. Even when Regina tried to kill her, and found out she couldn’t thanks to a protection spell from Rumplestiltskin, Snow settled on banishment. No good deed goes unpunished.

So, this would explain the origins of the curse. Regina couldn’t harm Snow or Charming…but Rumple’s spell only worked in their realm. Sending everyone to Storybrooke allowed Regina to hurt Snow and Charming again.

Now, we have a wrongly-accused user of black magic who has been separated from the only thing she cares about and I have to say…that’s far more interesting than seeing her in therapy for the rest of the season. I have always loved, loved, loved Regina’s layers, but she is at her best when she is being bad. It makes her moments of humanity shine even more.

As for Archie, fortunately he’s not really dead. I kind of figured he wasn’t when he didn’t get any parting words, but I was still glad to see him alive and bound in the hold of Hook’s ship. Cora plans to use his knowledge of the town and its people in her nefarious plans and she will do anything to extract that information from him. Muahahaha!

By the way, how much did you love the bit with Emma catching her parents in bed? I cracked up at Charming’s line about being able to give her some childhood trauma this late in her life. It was a great moment and it’s moments like that which make me believe in the crazy dynamics of this family. How long before they’re all separated again? You gotta admit that’s a running theme.

So, next week Hook takes on his crocodile. I can’t wait! Especially as it seems Belle will get caught up in it, and goodness knows she could stand to do something other than baking for her man. Man, it’s like she ended up with Gaston or something!

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  • Tulipsnwindows

    I’m eager to see where Regina went after being accused. Notice how Emma did not arrest her? Deep down I think she knows she did not do it.

    I felt bad for Regina at the dinner thing because, sadly, I understood it.

    Her speech before the she was to be killed was funny in a sick way. I love her father. He really truly is the only one who loves her. Well Cora does, in her own warped way.

    Snow, Henry and Chaming can get off of my TV forever.

    Hook vs Rumple next week should be fun. What will Belle do then?

  • ptjackson

    The celebration at Granny’s diner really made me sympathetic for Regina. I mean, I get it – the distrust, etc, but come on, grandpa and grandma, do it for Henry! That’s what mom (Emma) was doing. All of these folks need some parenting help – and yes, I totally understand the mistrust, which is certainly well founded…. but still……

    Cora is the real villain here – most of the others are her collateral damage.

    Anyway, loved this episode, but I wonder who is actually dead?? Yikes!